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(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Nagpur, Maharashtra Mar 14, 2022 ( – Tejaswini Bhandarkar is a dynamic and young entrepreneur, visionary, Youtuber, and Public Speaker. She is the founder of TezTechh- a Nagpur-based one-stop, full-service IT, branding & advertising company. She helps curate exceptional result-driven experiences for her clients. With an overall experience of 8 years in the sector, she has developed her marketing, management, and creative expertise over the years. 



Her extensive understanding and vision of the digital world set her apart from her competitors. After completion of her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science, she has worked with many Startups. With the experience she garnered, at a very young age, she decided to start her own brand Teztecch amidst the pandemic, which provided an affordable solution to anyone who wants to create a brand of their own. She is not only an amazing leader but also a great public speaker. 


Some of the core services of the TezTecch team are


  • Website Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics Designing
  • 2D Animation
  • 3 Animation
  • SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • What’s App Marketing
  • Videography
  • Photography

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Tejaswini is an exuberant girl who represents aspirations and hopes like a phoenix! She is a change agent, a voracious reader, a strategist, a Josh (Wannabe) talks speaker, a promising entrepreneur, and above all a passionate patriot. All these epithets best describe Tejaswini Bhandarkar who has honed her managerial skills and fostered her creativity by practically taking up challenging projects throughout her journey.

Her business acumen and her quest to learn helped her work wonders at this young age.

Soon after completing her education, she ventured into the world of startup and laid the foundation for her brand – TexTech.Her aim is to make TezTecch – one complete solution provider for every brand. She is an amazing leader with great communication skills.



Established in 2019, “TezTecch”- is a Nagpur-based Digital Marketing, Branding, and Advertising Solution providing a company delivering customer needs with high quality and cost-effectiveness. At Teztecch they have a straightforward and single-minded focus: to help the customers with innovative and unmatched tools, services, and solutions and make them future-ready/prepare them for the future. Tejaswini Bhandarkar who is the founder of Teztecch managed to grow her business exponentially in a short span of time.



Their mission is to provide efficient, innovative solutions for their customers and help them transform their business into brands and be future-ready.
Their vision is to be the most preferred partner of change for their customers and help them gain from Teztecch’s expertise.



Tezztecch helps the client in multiple ways to create a win-win situation for both parties, They strive to build credibility, generate more and more business, promote goodwill, increase brand value and win over corona and such kinds of pandemics. They assist businesses in building their own client community who work as their marketing agents resulting in scaling their business to newer and greater heights.





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Address :- Plot 1/A/K, beside Gajanan Primary School, Ayodhya nagar

We are a Nagpur-based, One-stop, Full-service IT, Branding & Advertising Company
[email protected]
Address :- Plot 1/A/K, beside Gajanan Primary School, Ayodhya nagar


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