Mr. Sachiin Sharma (Marketing Head Emo DAO South East Asia) as Keynote Speaker at AAFMINDIA Event 2022


Mr Sachiin Sharma

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- New Delhi, Delhi Mar 13, 2022 ( – AAFM INDIA is delighted to confirm well-known Marketing Professional and early Crypto crusader Mr. Sachiin Sharma as a keynote speaker at AAFM INDIA 9th Annual Wealth Management Convention Held in Delhi.

Sachiin Sharma is a Seasoned Entrepreneur with Post Graduate Diploma in Finance Management and over 20 years of experience in the areas of Hospitality, Service Industry, Vendor Management, Brand Building, Marketing, Public Relations, Customer Service, and Strategic Planning.

His love affair with ‘Blockchain’ technology and ‘Cryptocurrencies’ began in 2016. After successfully spearheading many projects, where he is constantly involved in helping the company realize its mission and monitor the company direction as articulated through the policies and corporate objectives.

Currently, associated with EMO DAO as a Marketing and Research Analyst, his main role is to make strategies to increase the adaption and community of EMO coin globally and he has inspired many people and changed the lives of millions.

Sachiin Sharma Delivered a keynote at The American Academy of Financial Management is an international professional organization for Wealth Managers, Private Bankers, Portfolio Managers, Investment Advisors, Asset Managers, Project Managers, trusts, and Estate Practitioners Worldwide.

AAFM India promotes Financial Advisory and Wealth Management Advisory Standards in the country by actively engaging with all the stakeholders including the Government, Regulators, Educational Institutes, Training Providers, Financial Services Companies, Banks, etc.

AAFM India’s mission is to serve its membership and stakeholders as a world leader in educating and reinforcing the Local and international knowledge of executives and potential leadership of financial-based institutions.

AAFM India in association with AAFM® offers its Global Expertise to build and promote the International Best Practices in the field of Finance and Financial Advisory. AAFM® has a presence in over 151 Countries globally and sets Global Standards and Processes for Financial and Wealth Advisory.

AAFM INDIA hosted its one-of-a-kind 9th Annual Wealth Management Convention.

A Two days extravaganza, which will feature 45+ keynote speakers, 25+ Presentations, 3 Exciting Panel Discussions that give international perspective with the knowledge imparted by the Leaders of the Finance World.

Mr. Sachiin Sharma came as a platinum sponsor of the event and this was quite a good experience for us, it was well organised & very professional event.

Mr. Sachiin as an eminent speaker for the event covered two sessions with topics like the Adoption of Digital Currencies in day-to-day life & How Blockchain & cryptocurrency Transforming the financial industry.

Sachiin mentioned that Blockchain (DLT) & Adaptation Decentralised Network is a bridge to the digital future. Now, human beings are experiencing the digital migration of the world. In fact, the digital world also needs a bridge. The connection symbolizes the evolution of civilization, and Blockchain is this bridge.

He emphasize and examined three key factors that may reshape financial services in the next decade. Including the core design of reconfiguring financial products and service delivery through embedded finance (EmFi), decentralized finance (DeFi) and digital currency, integrating into financial services, and the widespread adoption of basic digital infrastructure (digital identity, trusted data) Exchanges, interoperable payment systems, and consent systems.

He Talked About Web 3.0, which aims to achieve more intelligent, connected, and decentralized websites, will use technologies such as crypto smart contract platforms to address current issues of scalability, speed, and cost of transactions without compromising decentralization and security.

Then He said Smart contract platforms, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) are the three trendiest topics in the blockchain industry right now

“With the introduction of NFT we have seen the adoption of DeFi and blockchain technology explode, this is an exciting time in the history of our digital existence,” said Sachiin Sharma, Marketing Head Emo Dao, “Web 3.0 is the real revolution of blockchain technology, this integration has had remarkable effects on the evolution of the web. I am looking forward to addressing these changing tides at AAFM INDIA 2022.

Entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors attending AAFM INDIA 2022 will enjoy talks that examine the future of the crypto industry, as well as discussions reflecting on the crypto industry’s exciting and eventful journey thus far as it overcame major challenges, from scalability and regulation to mainstream adoption by individuals and institutions.

Sachiin mentioned that Blockchain (DLT) & Adaptation Decentralised Network is a bridge to the digital future. Now, human beings are experiencing the digital migration of the world. In fact, the digital world also needs a bridge. The connection symbolizes the evolution of civilization, and Blockchain is this bridge.

Emo Network will build a bridge to the digital future

Sachiin Sharma gave an In-Depth Understanding of how this future Technology will pave the way in building infrastructure. The most important character for Integration & adaptation of this technology by mainstream marketplaces & industries, will provide a lot of possibilities to the developers, which can usher in an era where everyone can build Dapps on EMO covering almost all kinds of industries including the financial industry. “People can trust all the math-based smart contracts, trust all the system without the origination’s permission,” Sachiin said on the technology.

Crypto & Blockchain Technology has developed rapidly in the past few years and has become a leading trend in the industry and is one of the World’s Fastest-Growing techs.  Sachiin Also Explained In the face of rapid growth in the number of public chain projects, technological incompatibility, and no interconnection between projects, ecosystems, and competition have led to the isolation of assets, applications, data, and many other factors that inhibit the growth of the entire industry. To solve these problems, Emo Network will come up with Multiple Platforms for Cross-chain Frameworks.

The infinite future of Emo ecology

Under the framework of the overall ecosystem, Emo has enriched the ecological layout of its products. According to the real-time adjustment of industry development, with the purpose of “exploiting and innovating, investing in the future”, we will grow together with users, achieve profitability, and move forward steadily. With the increasing mainstreaming of the Green blockchain industry, the global cryptocurrency market is booming.

EMO, which has entered a period of rapid development, has achieved great success in many popular tracks. With its all-around development, EMO is fast-pacing to becoming a stable coin. At present, the circulation on the chain has reached Millions, according to relevant data analysis of lock-up and transfer activities on the chain, compared with other mainstream public chains.

In his sessions, Sachiin Sharma explained all the aspects of Blockchain technology, Emocoin, Emopay, interacted with live audiences & also cleared doubts related to the coin.

Sachiin Sharma truly Believes Blockchain is the future of technology ≈ with the rapid progress made in technology, large-scale adaptation with the Financial sector will pave the way to a glorious era.


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