IoT of Workplace Analytics — the revolution has begun!


By Arvind Sagar Head of Professional Services

By Arvind Sagar, Head of Professional Services

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Bengaluru, Karnataka Mar 17, 2022 ( – Workplace Analytics is evolving to the point where every employee is now a node — the IoT of the workplace is that the number of employees equals data collection nodes.  

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, ProHance, which is the software of choice for a globally distributed workforce, came to the rescue. People started working remotely overnight, and ProHance was able to quickly generate data points around their work because it was designed to accommodate a distributed workforce. The distributed workforces’ connectivity to the internet or company intranets could be real-time or periodic and patchy as the Work From Home infrastructure dictated; however, ProHance was able to have data easily collected and visible to each remote user in real-time and transferred back, collated, and analyzed as per existing infrastructure constraints.

As the remote working connectivity has improved since the onset of Pandemic, I am noticing the trend shifting in a certain way that we now have an IoT of the workplace operational where every employee is a node and hence the number of employees equals the data collection nodes. This requires that our Workplace Analytics adjusts to understand this change and how Business Intelligence data about the workforce is collated, analyzed, and reported. A key reorientation is also needed given how every employee’s well-being is of importance given the challenges of remote working within the older ways of workforce management designed for large office-based workforces focused on the organization, its profit maximization, and the value it gave to the shareholder. 

As employees now realistically aspire to choose their modes and levels of participation in a hybrid workplace as far as their exact role and the situation of their teams will allow, the Analytics has to readjust to be able to cover the personalization and wellbeing aspects for the employees apart from the management. Typically the functional silos for Operations, HR, IT, Finance, Compliance, Legal, and all other departments tend to compartmentalize their analytics needs. To fully harness the IoT of the Workplace paradigm they now need to work together effectively to enable accurate and timely data collection which can be harnessed for distributed real-time analytics relevant for all the stakeholders. With the 5G rollout imminent and advances in edge computing, Workplace Analytics has the opportunity to use Software such as ProHance to successfully transition to the IoT of the Workplace.


ProHance is an Omni-Channel operations management platform being leveraged by enterprises across their back office, chat, and email servicing operations. ProHance provides real-time visibility on how teams are engaged on the ground. This visibility allows enterprises to allocate resources more effectively, load balance across teams, and make smart decisions with agility. The visibility and actionable analytics provided by ProHance help Enterprises make their operations more customer-centric, efficient, and lean. ProHance is leveraged by 170,000+ users in 120+ enterprises across 21 countries.

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