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(ProNewsReport Editorial):- New York City, New York Mar 30, 2022 ( – Your perfect one-stop-shop for wholesale. Over 60,000 vendors, all in one place! Find brands such as Disney, Sony, Adidas, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Seedlip, Revlon, Cartier, and much more!

We believe the future of wholesale is global, our mission is to empower independent entrepreneurs to chase their dream. By simplifying the wholesale buying process and bringing together brands and retailers from around the world, we strive the playing field for small businesses everywhere.

We created in 1998 with a simple vision: to help all kinds of businesses come together to compete on a more level playing field with the likes of Walmart, Amazon, and Alibaba.

Today, is the online marketplace where retailers discover their next best sellers from vendors across the globe.

The Future of

When we launched we entered the $25 trillion retail industry through a backdoor that had long been overlooked in the tech world. With all the innovation-focused on connecting brands and retailers directly with consumers, the wholesale market where brands connect with retailers remained behind the scenes and full of untapped potential. Even now, with reaching $1B in annual volume, we believe the size of this market is vastly underestimated. The most exciting opportunities in this space are still ahead of us.

The traditional wholesale market is broken for brands and retailers in almost every country and in every category. By providing a seamless cross-border buying experience for the first time, we’ve opened the floodgates: 70% of our global sales are transatlantic so far. As we’ve turned our attention to beverages and fragrances, we’ve seen sales in these massive categories grow twice as fast as our overall business, now accounting for over a third of all products sold on While all these new segments pose unique challenges requiring their own innovations, the core problem facing brands and retailers is the same: traditional trade shows are a painfully antiquated way to source new inventory. That’s a problem we are committed to solving everywhere.

We have also come to see our opportunity to help brands and retailers extend far beyond our wholesale marketplace. As brands and retailers are making the shift to buying and selling across multiple channels, we have realized they need an entirely new set of tools to help them source, manage and sell their inventory. As the place where an increasing number of retailers and brands are conducting most of their wholesale business, we are in a unique position to provide these tools and transform our platform into a digital operating system for wholesale. 

What’s most exciting is how the combination of this wholesale operating system with our marketplace creates a flywheel that grows and strengthens our community. When we bring on brands and give them software to run their wholesale business through, those brands introduce more retailers to the community and strengthen their relationships with the retailers already here. When we bring on retailers and give them software to source and manage all their inventory through, those retailers attract more brands to the community and strengthen their relationships with the brands we already have. As our community gets bigger and stronger with more brands and retailers using our tools, we get data that helps us drive down the costs of our business, allowing us to offer better prices and better deals to our retailers, which leads more retailers and brands to want to join our community.

Ultimately, the growth of the community allows these small businesses to flourish together with the power of technology and scale once reserved for giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Alibaba. The result is an amplification of what makes shopping small so special for consumers–the experience of connection to what you buy and who you support. With consumer support and the power of technology, the future for small businesses is brighter than ever. What was once a fragmented group of brands and retailers has become an unstoppable community, working together to create a better world for themselves and for all of us.


In 1998 was the world’s first online E-duty-free shop based on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao – Today is labeled as the world’s largest duty-free global marketplace. When it started in 1998 was buying inventory from vendors for its Curacao distribution center located right on the airport runway taking orders online and shipping them to consumers all over the world. re-invented itself in 2020 when suddenly the Covid 19 pandemic changed the entire industry, at that time Reynald Grattagliano, company founder came up with the idea to open a multi sellers’ marketplace with one main goal: Help thousands of duty-free shops sell online all together under one roof to serve a crisis-hit industry which is struggling to stay alive.

With consumers will have in front of them a great choice of brands available usually, sold in duty-free shops from manufacturers from all over the world. aims to become the world’s largest duty-free mall where consumers can find all that they need under one roof. Vendors from all over the world will be able to sell products on that they will drop ship from other vendors, or ship directly from their own location or distribution center to customers located anywhere in the world. will showcase literally millions of products from thousands of drop shippers posting their products for sale on the online platform. Customers worldwide will be able to purchase any combination of products in a single checkout instead of purchasing them from an airport or from a mall and have their order delivered right to their home or office. Vendors process the payments through the payment gateway which in turn distributes the money to the vendors after deducting a small commission.

Membership is absolutely free for vendors and buyers, anyone is welcome to post their products on


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