Mohsen Motamedian (Max) Entrepreneur of Bashari LLC in USA – Biography Details



Max Motamedian (Mohsen Motamedian) is a USA-based Businessman. He is known for his innovation & expertise in multiple departments i.e. marketing, sales, purchasing, and distribution. With his command in the Real Estate and Digital world, he is gonna be a tycoon soon.

Mohsen Motamedian – Profile/Introduction

Birth Name: Max Motamedian / Mohsen Motamedian

Nickname: Max

Profession: Businessman & Entrepreneur

Famous: Real Estate Businessman & Philanthropist

Mohsen MotamedianPersonal Life Info & More

Max was born in California, USA, and grew up in California only. After completing his schooling he got admission to California State University. During his Bachelor of Science degree in electronics, he got his interest in the health & medicine domain as well. Mohsen Motamedian has been a brilliant student during his study, in fact, he took part in many sports like hiking and skiing.

Max Motamedian – Favourite Things/Like & Dislike

Being an intelligent student, Max is always keen to learn new things. During his college also, he participated in different sports & activities, Apart from this he is always ready to adopt a new technology that gives benefits to his experience.

Being an experienced entrepreneur, he always understands & helps others with their needs and such behavior makes him a famous philanthropist. He is a member of many NGOs and Autism Society and the Child Foundation are some of them.


Max Motamedian – Career & Business

 Bashari LLC was founded by Mohsen Motamedian. It’s a real estate business that deals with its clients all over the worldwide.


In 2008, Max Motamedian decided to initiate his business and opened up a firm, named Bashari LLC. Bashari LLC is now a recognized name in the Real estate industry in California, USA. Mohsen Motamedian is holding the CEO position in his company and is handling all the departments’ sales, marketing, purchasing, and distribution. With a span of 14 years, MaxMotamedian is one of the pioneers who has given a good contribution in the real estate sector and counting is still on. With his dedication and talent, BashariGroup has established itself as the most sought-after name for delivering top-notch real estate services all over the USA. Mohsen Motamedian also got the best Business professionals on board in Bashari LLC, who then recommended to its clients the most suitable deal to support considering their economic conditions and locations.


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