Your New Favorite Indie Boy Explores Ghosting and Self-worth in New Single “Suntrap”


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Because, we all get ghosted, eventually…

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Bridgeton, New Jersey Apr 16, 2022 ( – Florian’s Creek is a wanderer, adventuring beyond the boundaries of genre to establish his own unique sound. Currently, gearing up for his second release, Florian and his team look to hit the ground running with a new single, “Suntrap” which is about being ghosted by your crush. Something we can all relate to, am I right?

The single, which dropped today on April 16, will be featured on his upcoming EP, entitled “melodraMATIC”. In the song, Florian portrays the day-to-day of a guy we all were at some point. You know, the guy who just can’t get out of his head. That guy who is so concerned with how someone else feels about him, that he can’t even start his day without their approval.

Below is a quote from the artist Florian’s Creek, about the process and purpose behind the new track.

“I wrote this song in my ex-girlfriend’s dining room, while she watched me pretend to play an old beat-up electric guitar that I think belonged to her father. I had to channel my inner incel to write it, which was fairly easy because of all my past experiences being ghosted by girls. At the time I hadn’t ever released a song “officially” and I didn’t even have a manager yet. But, in a few months’ time that would all change, and I would find myself in a north Philly studio laying down vocals with my dope new manager and friend, Zach.”

That “dope new manager” Florian is talking about, oh, he’s an underground producer who goes by the name Friendswithbeats. They met through a mutual friend on Facebook who recommended they work together. The two Jersey natives quickly found an artistic synergy that lead them to begin working on an EP that would introduce Florian’s Creek as a quirky, melancholy, indie-rocker with a rapper’s edge.

“Suntrap”, like a lot of songs featured on his upcoming EP, explores what it feels like to be a “loser”. Although, not so much in the sense of being concerned about what other people think of you, but rather the piercing truth that you aren’t doing enough for yourself.

Florian really shows off his stylistic range with this track. It has a little punk-inspired singing, a little rap, and even some chill, melancholy melodies, showing that Florian’s Creek isn’t afraid to wear his influences, from bands like Soccer Mommy, on his sleeve.

But anyway, why are you still reading this instead of clicking the link below to go hear for yourself?

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Florian’s Creek
Florian’s Creek is a wanderer adventuring beyond the boundaries of genre to establish his own unique sound.
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