Shereena Delgado: From model to CEO.


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- New York City, New York Apr 19, 2022 ( – Born in Miami and raised in La Ceiba, Honduras, by grandmother Mina, Shereena Delgado grew up idolizing Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model. Many years later, that girl with hopeful dreams would grow to be an internationally recognized model and the CEO of her modeling academy.

In September 2014, when she made the first move from her hometown Miami to New York to enter the cutthroat modeling industry, she faced an upward battle. She describes it as a ‘rude awakening’ but that ‘it had to happen. One can imagine the sacrifices and work she put in to rise to the top and be recognized as a top model.

“The most uncomfortable moments in life are when you discover the most about yourself.”

Facing different cultural and professional obstacles helped shape her into the confident, self-possessed woman she is today. A no-nonsense attitude and strong work ethic helped her reach where she is today. A firm guiding hand from a mentor also played a hand in much of her success. She has also mentioned the importance of her faith in God in her life.

“I had to let God guide me through it.”

Although it took a few years, she established herself in the industry and was offered international contracts and features in several high-profile magazines, including Vogue and Elle. Soon after, she had booked her first international show in London. She had achieved her dream. So, what was next?

As her influence grew during her time in the industry, several people reached out for her views on the industry and modeling. This was the birth of Straight Walk Runway LLC, situated at Galleria Malls, White Plains in New York.

The goal of the model development firm is to help aspiring models grow from the inside out, taking a holistic approach that covers makeup and how to carry oneself, and how positivity affects inner beauty and its importance.

Other than that, Shereena also aims to provide budding clothing and accessory designers a chance to present their work to a new audience, creating a healthy and supportive environment for newcomers in the fashion industry.

Throughout the journey, she has remained steadfast in her faith and maintains that it was what developed her approachable and welcoming nature. This trait helped secure a partnership with Super Kids Canada and invitations from schools to motivate students to pursue their dreams.

Her company has also partnered with the Youth Shelter Program of Westchester to stress the importance of the beauty of what is within and building a person’s character from the inside out.

The program is very near to her heart as a way of paying forward all the blessings she has been given and wanting to act as an inspiration to those following in her footsteps.

“I’ve been homeless and I understand the struggle so being that helping hand to someone really means the world to me.”

She strives to continue being true to herself and grow as a businesswoman through it all. We wish all the luck to this powerhouse!


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