Spectrum Care+, New nutritional protocol offers potential improvements in cognition and behavior in children


The new Spectrum Care+ Protocol, now available in the US, is already being used by thousands of special needs children around the world.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Clearwater, Florida Apr 18, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Nutra Wellness, LLC, is very excited to announce it has entered into a partnership with PURELIFE Health Sciences Group to distribute the Spectrum Care+ Protocol in the US. Spectrum Care+ is an evidence-based, natural, nutritional protocol that supports the optimum metabolic, gut, and neurological health. When taken as directed, this protocol has shown potential improvements in cognition, social communication, behavior, digestion, and sleep patterns in children with special needs.

Doctors, researchers, and scientists are focused on discovering the underlying cause of the alarming increase in children with cognitive, behavioral, and social communications problems. Recent research reveals that genetic susceptibility and environmental influences, or both, appear to be linked to the 10-fold increase over the past four decades.

Over the past three years, research scientists have discovered that many special needs children suffer from metabolic disorders. A set of metabolic defects have been found in children with cognitive and behavioral issues, and at a far higher rate than in the general population.

John Payne, CEO of PURELIFE Health Sciences Group, and formulator of the Spectrum Care+ Protocol says, “The good news is that metabolic defects can potentially be addressed through the metabolic signaling pathways and the gut-brain axis. Early diagnosis and therapeutic interventions may significantly improve the long-term outcomes for these children.”

April is Autism Awareness Month, allowing us all to learn more about the advances being made to help children with special needs through targeted nutrition.

The natural ingredients in the Spectrum Care+ Protocol were selected for their ability to provide nutritional support for optimum metabolic, gut, and neurological health. The protocol is very simple, involving drinking Camelicious (100% whole camel milk powder) and a natural plant-based supplement, Spectrum Care+/Metabolic Boost. When taken as directed, parents of special needs children have reported seeing improvements in cognition, social communication, behavior, digestion, and sleep patterns.

“We look forward to working with John Payne and PURELIFE Health Sciences Group to make the Spectrum Care+ Protocol broadly available in the US. We believe this new nutritional protocol has the potential to improve the health and wellbeing of children with special needs,” said Daniele G. Lattanzi, CEO of Nutra Wellness, LLC.

For more information about the Spectrum Care+ Protocol visit: www.spectrumcareplus.net, call 866-531-8713, or email [email protected]

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