Canada Visa Online Or Eta Is The Document You Need To Enter And Freely Travel In Canada


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Vancouver, British Columbia May 2, 2022 ( – Canada Visa Online is also known as Canada eTA. As a part of joint agreements of two countries, the USA and Canada to secure their borders they decided to run the Visa Waiver program from August 2015 for certain Visa-exempt countries. The citizens of the Visa-exempt countries can enter the country by applying for an Electronic Travel Authorization Document (eTA).

The Canada Visa Online is a Visa Waiver document granted to certain countries eligible to enter Canada and travel freely. The Canada eTA performs the same function, but applying for eTA and its procedure is simpler and quicker. An eTA is valid for business, tourism, and transit purposes only. The validity of the eTA is active for 5 years. However, it is different from the number of days you are allowed to stay. The duration to stay in the country is 6 months or 180 days.

To apply for an eTA, you need to fill out all your details on the CANADA VISA ONLINE APPLICATION form. To fill out the form, click on the link- After filling out the form, you will directly be taken to the payment page. As soon as your payment is complete, your application is submitted. You can enter Canada anytime between the validity periods. The eTA is a replacement for the paper-based process. You do not even need to rush to the embassy.

The procedure is done via email against the details in your passport. The application process will not take more than 5 minutes to complete. To apply for the visa, you need to have an internet connection, an email address, PayPal or credit card, or a debit card. After the application is complete, your documents are verified by the Government authority. Within 24 hours the decisions are made and the eTA is sent to your email account directly. In some cases, it needs a maximum of 72 hours also. To know more about the Canada Visa Online or Canada eTA, click on the link

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