Top 10 Ways That Explains How to Make Your Press Releases More Shareable on Social Media


The modern market is full of marketing techniques that businesses and individuals are taking up in order to stand out in the competitive scenario. Well, in all the marketing tactics organizations are currently approaching, press releases have become a significant part of their businesses. On the other hand, social media seems almost unstoppable, as in many cases, it has turned out to be the ideal platform for business promotion. However, not every PR gets the exposure and credibility on social media one would always like. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the ways in which you can craft a PR that can complement the sharing process on social media. At the end of the day, it is important to stand out and grab the attention of top media houses.
So, here are the 10 tips you would like to take into your account how to make your press releases more shareable on social media:

1. Implement an Attractive Title – In order to catch the attention of viewers and readers, the first thing that will help gain exposure is a catchy headline. The crisper and more informative it is, the more shareable it becomes on social media platforms. If you are planning to do it on your own, always remember to make it short and incorporate target keywords. It is also advisable to make a headline that resembles your content.

2. Take Help of Twitter Advertisements – Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms that can help gain your business credibility and build brand value in the market. Therefore, try to use Twitter Ads that can help in expanding the reach of your press release. If you add social media engagement to press releases with the help of Twitter, it will also result in the growth of your followers on the platform.

3. Blogging Your PR – Blogging is a very important part that can gain maximum online visibility for your press release. While blogging, you must remember to craft it in an informal tone by editing the headlines, removing the quotes in the body of the content, and summarizing the overall content. Try to contact blog sites that can distribute it on several websites, and do not forget to post it on your own website, if you have one.

4. Email Newsletters – If you are running a business that needs promotion of its products and services, then email newsletters are the best thing to go with. Consider sending emails that explain the content of your press release in simple words. Email newsletters can help you gain more customers and retain the previous ones. Sending weekly newsletters to your customers, and urging them to share them on social media will make your PR more shareable.

5. Implement Infographics – The market is diverse and so are the people of today’s generation. The thing is, not everyone understands complex information. Hence, try making it interesting and easily understandable by using infographics. A simple presentation of content with the help of charts, statistics, and other visual representation methods will make it even more interesting.

Tips that you might like here:
a. Make it simple
b. Make something original and unique
c. Maintain your purpose of making it visually attractive.

6. Explain it on Social Media – Promotion of your business on social media comes with endless possibilities. Nowadays, people often consider going Live on platforms like Instagram, IGTV, and Facebook to preach about their services and products. Similarly, you can also opt for live sessions discussing your press releases so that people can get a real idea about your business. In addition, you can also answer the queries of potential customers and online viewers regarding your products.

7. Use Quotes – Quotes are considered to be among the most effective content marketing tactics. They are so powerful that they help draw customers while imparting knowledge and inspiration. Make sure to use adequate quotes that suit the content before sending it for publication to a media house.

A few important motives behind using quotes by online marketers are:
a. It motivates readers
b. It informs readers.
c. It engages the audience while persuading them too.

8. Make it Compatible For Multiple Devices – The modern generation prefers using small devices rather than big old desktops. You will find that most users use their smartphones to consume their daily content. There are many case studies and examples online that prove that maximum purchases of products and services nowadays happen from a smartphone. Hence, try to make your PR compatible with devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. to make it even more shareable on social media platforms.

9. Provide Social Media Sharing Icons – You must have seen websites that upload content on a daily basis has social media buttons on the right or left of their pages. These buttons help you share content via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Similarly, you must try to provide social media sharing options like these so that people can share your content instantly after viewing it without any hassle. This will assist you in attracting more traffic to your business website.

10. Prefer Tweetable PR Titles – You’ve probably seen your PR’s headline appearing while users share your content via social media platforms. This indicates that the headline you are writing must be fully readable and visible. In order to do this, you should not exceed 100 characters while writing a tweetable headline. the main role of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes here into play, as incorporating keywords that fit the best according to your content may do wonders for you on social media.

Crafting a press release that has something new and beneficial for readers is always recommendable. And, with competition increasing on a daily basis, sustaining in the market is getting a lot harder for many businesses. Therefore, you must apply all the above-discussed top 10 tips that will gain the maximum exposure possible for your press releases and make them function in the algorithm of social media.