The new children’s book ‘Women in Science’ by AdiDev Press featuring botanist Janaki Ammal and physicist Bibha Chowdhuri


Gautam Gambhir with our Founder Chitwan Mittal

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- New Delhi, Delhi Aug 2, 2022 ( – “Celebrating women scientists and their incredible work is so important in our increasingly climate-risked world. A must-read for all.” ~ Sunita Narain, World renowned environmentalist.

AdiDev Press’s ‘Learning To Be’ series, which released board books on the lives and philosophies of Indian saints Mahavira, Guru Nanak, and Buddha, is ready again with ‘Women in Science, an exciting new book series that includes four new board books with inspiring and true stories of four pioneering South Asian women in science.

The set includes the following titles: Commitment with Bibha Chowdhuri (physicist), Courage with Anandibai Joshee (doctor), Passion with Aditi Pant (oceanographer), and Perseverance with Janaki Ammal (botanist). The story of these incredible women is sure to inspire and encourage many young children to pursue their dreams.

Through these stories, children can explore how these outstanding women overcame their respective challenges to achieve pathbreaking success in their chosen fields.

  • Discover courage with Anandibai Joshee, who overcame grief, fear, ill-health, and societal pressures to become the first Indian woman with a degree in western medicine.
  • Discover commitment with Bibha Chowdhuri, the first Indian woman physicist who discovered sub-atomic particles called ‘meson’. Her discoveries lay the groundwork for the work of Nobel prize winner, C F Powell.
  • Discover passion with Aditi Pant, who pursued her passion for science and adventure to become the first Indian woman oceanographer. She was one of the two women on the team that helped to build India’s first lab in Antarctica.
  • Discover perseverance with Janaki Ammal, the first Indian woman botanist. Her pioneering work helped improve native plants and improved farmers’ lives.

Authored by a Pune-based writer and poet Pervin Saket, using simple language and verse, the books talk about the inspiring journeys and hardships faced by these women in their lives which ultimately led to success in their respective fields.

“It was very special for me to work on this series of books on ‘Women in Science’. These are fabulous, inspiring women who have made a twofold contribution to science and social progress. We need their stories to remind us to push further, overcome social barriers and fulfill our dreams,” said  Pervin Saket.

As an avid reader herself, Chitwan Mittal always felt the lack of representation of Indian culture and its people in children’s story books because most of the story books are inspired by western culture but as both her mother and grandmother were great storytellers, she used to hear numerous fascinating Indian stories which she could relate with and even while growing up this fascination never left. So, she decided to fill the cultural gap in the story books herself.

“At AdiDev Press, we believe in the power of biographies to inspire and uplift, there is a great lack of inspirational biographies of South Asian women in the children’s segment and we feel that the stories of these pioneering women are so powerful that they must be shared with children, particularly girls, all over the world,” said Chitwan Mittal, Founder and Editorial Director of AdiDev Press.

This set is simply the perfect way to introduce little readers to BIG VALUES! Released on July 15, is priced at Rs 1,500 and can easily be found and ordered from

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