USA -based lighting company celebrates huge win for American inventors who want to change the world.


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Innovation is important to the core of all societies. We’re excited to announce the Italian courts have enforced our patent against willful infringement. This is a celebratory step for American manufacturing and product innovation.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Austin, Texas Aug 4, 2022 ( – CosmoGlo, LLC. pioneered a luxury, modern-looking curved light that provides even lighting in 2019. Trusted by experts in the field of aesthetics and used by service professionals, CosmoGlo was designed by Mary Harcourt, an established beauty professional. CosmoGlo has been awarded Design patents globally in several regions including the USA, AUS, UK, and EU.

Judge Dott. Alberto La Manna of the Turin Italian Business Court on March 10th, 2022 announced their intent to uphold Cosmolo’s patent in court injunction case 19348/2021. The invention claimed in this patent lawsuit is fundamental to the aesthetics industry. The defendant was found liable for willful infringement upon CosmoGlo’s design patent no. 008486203-0001. The ruling upholds CosmoGlo’s right to protect its products, designs, and their fair use.

Mary Harcourt of CosmoGlo said in response to the ruling, 

Innovation takes effort, capital, and vision, and is important to the core of all societies. On behalf of the CosmoGlo development department, operations teams, and legal teams, I am excited to announce that the EU Courts have enforced our patent. This ruling provided legal protection for the countless hours, dollars, and resources committed to bringing forth new innovation. I appreciate the EU for supporting that. 

The judge Judge Dott. Alberto La manna stated, 

The grievance of the applicant in relation to the infringement of its model must be considered well-founded since the confusion between the two products is evident in an overall evaluation for the informed user. The proposed request must therefore be considered well-founded and deserves acceptance.

Consequently, the defendant must be prevented from producing and marketing the Moon Light Lamp with a consequent order to withdraw the products described from the market and to fix the penalty for the violation of this provision… The expenses follow the loss and are paid according to the disposition.


Each CosmoGlo Light is created with the highest quality materials, crafted with precision by automated lasers then shipped directly to consumers from their USA-based factory. It provides full coverage rotational lighting that eliminates shadows with customizable brightness. For more information, please visit or


Mary Harcourt has appeared in Forbes, INC., Women in Business, and other media outlets.  If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Mary Harcourt via email at [email protected] or by phone at 717-683-6038. 

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