Your Weekend Part Playlist Will Be Sorted With Peppy and Catchy Mixes of Christian Krauter, Renowned Queensland DJ


Include the music of this much-appreciated Queensland DJ and enjoy your time. Christian Krauter knows how to make people dance and groove with his numbers well enough.

Christian Krauter

Do not worry about having a great time if you have the Christian Krauter playlist ready yourself. He is the best he will deliver the most gripping music in his tracks, from Indian chants to suspenseful music he knows how to create an aura. His ‘Recovery Tape Liveset’ is 1 hour and 9 minutes of pure and profound musical vibes. Including various vibes and several musical genres into this one mix, the end result will ensure anyone a gala time. He has stated his music concoction as a recovery mix, but it surely will offer some chills down the spine. Apart from music, he is a well-known heart surgeon; and only his professional heart mending skills offer the cure for his mind-arresting tracks.

Being from Brisbane, Australia, Christian Krauter is extremely witty and quirky. But these natures have made his music more compelling. Another number of him ‘Colours In Sound’ will seem in no way similar to ‘Recovery Tape Liveset’. But the truth is that these dynamic musical graphs and his musical dominance will make sure that his audience is delivered at the best time. This Queensland DJ is a brave musician making bold choices in every way possible. He has delivered songs like ‘Colours In Sound’, ‘Forged Digits’, ‘Got Me (Russky) Wrong’, ‘I Want You Back’, ‘D O Y O U’, ‘Sunset Chorus’, ‘Lost Control’, ‘Space Monkey Ride’. And many more songs are yet to come and to be the first one to get his upcoming tracks by following him on his Official website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

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