Tethereum: Is It the Next Big Thing in Crypto World?



California City, Aug 17, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – After a temporary bear market, the crypto market is again going to see a major boom. This time a major contender which is getting a lot of attention from the investors lately is Tethereum or T99. What makes T99 a major hit among the investors is that it provides so many options to the investors under one umbrella which is Tethereum(T99) providing a platform to the investors who want to exchange tokens, and it also provides a helping hand for those who need to subscribe for access to the Automated Market Maker service – something not always offered by other exchanges.

As of now, Tethereum has a market cap of $2,781,276 and has been showing steady growth. The crypto startup hit its milestone in April this year when it crossed the market cap of $2 Million. The founders said, “With Tethereum (T99), we hope to contribute to creating a future without central banks. That’s why this digital currency is run over TOR Network for private anonymous transactions of the BNB.”

As the demand is growing every day, they are also updating themselves. Recently, they have announced that now, one can swap Tethereum with BNB from any crypto ATM in the United States. All they need is to buy BNB from any cryptocurrency atm in the United States and swap BNB with Tethereum, Tethereum (T99) is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and was responsible for making millionaires out of its early investors.

Tethereum founders have a clear vision and they are very passionate about their contribution to the inevitable decentralization of monetization and finance in the Web3. They believe in working for the cause and they have proved it time and time again. Recently, Tethereum also contributed 1 Million Tokens to the relief fund for the Ukrainian Crisis And 1 Million Tokens to the Covid relief fund in India, Tethereum is available on Pancake Swap, 1inch Network, Kyber Network, And DexTools.

Tethereum which is currently trading at $0.0003 is expected to grow to $1 and therefore, it is one of the favorite picks for the early adopters who understand the market and know that this coin has the ability to make them millionaires.

To know more about Tethereum you should visit their website www.tethereum.exchange and www.tethereum.net.

Tethereum’s contract address is 0xe9A5C635c51002Fa5f377F956A8CE58573D63d91

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