The Talented Lowa Rapper Kid Duff Released a Fresh New Track ‘Dream Walking’


The promising and aspiring talent, Lowa rapper Kid Duff has released a new track ‘Dream Walking’ that carries the true essence of hip-hop and is filled with energy.

Kid duff


Join the musical journey of the talented rapper Kid Duff who has been creating a buzz in the industry since his debut. In just a short period of time, the artist has gained quite a few followers and listeners who all have been appreciative of the artist’s latest released track, Dream Walking’. The track is filled with the artist’s passion to prove himself and his exceeding and impressive talent. The quality of the song is also extremely high which reflects the caliber of the rapper and carries the true essence of modern-day hip-hop. Groovy tempo and well-written rap verses are the components that the listeners are finding to be the most exciting.

The track, ‘Dream Walking’ is beautifully composed and filled with energetic, digital beats that elevate the experience of the listeners. With every single beat carries enlivening tunes that are catchy and praise-worthy. In addition to that, you will find the mixing of the tracks quite exciting and addictive. The composition is well-complemented by the idiosyncratic lyrics that show this Lowa rapper’s ability to express his feeling through music and tell a story. This independent artist solely managed to write, create, compose and mix the whole song by himself which showcases his creative maturity and caliber. Another component of Kid Duff’s fresh release is the powerful and confident vocals of the artist that adds the perfect finishing touch to the track. The up-and-coming artist has given similar performances on other tracks such as ‘Still Sippin’, ‘DarkWaves’ that feature K Don, and ‘Family Ties’. The entire discography is available on Soundcloud. For further exciting updates, you can also follow the artist on Instagram.

Please visit here to listen to the song of Kid Duff: