Entrepreneurs Academy offers free entrepreneurial training and mental health workshops to the community


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Sep 8, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Entrepreneurs Academy, a holistic training and support center for entrepreneurs, is excited to announce the launch of freeworkshops in business development, 3D printing, drone photography, cooking for wellness, urban farming, and a 12-week entrepreneurial training program. Located in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, the organization serves as a hub for entrepreneurs, inventors, and a modern workforce from underserved and oppressed communities – including women, people of color, veterans, and reentry populations.

“I started Entrepreneurs Academy to address the specific needs of entrepreneurs in black and brown communities,” says Founder and CEO, Philip Fairweather. “We have unique challenges, stressors, and barriers that entrepreneurs from other communities do not have to contend with. This includes under-capitalization, thin to no professional network, unaddressed personal trauma, and blighted business communities.”

The organization uses a model that provides the latest industry education while bringing to light the importance of mental health support for entrepreneurs of color. Entrepreneurs Academy experiences firsthand the urgent need for entrepreneurs and business owners to address the trauma that affects their decision-making.

About Entrepreneurs Academy

Launched in 1996 in Chicago as a Welfare to Work initiative for the Chicago Housing Authority, Entrepreneurs Academy is a program-based business development center designed to reduce concentrated poverty through entrepreneurship, invention, and workforce modernization. We integrate entrepreneurship with mental health services to ensure our students have support and a greater opportunity to succeed. Our service area is the west side, south side, and south suburbs of Chicago. Learn more at www.entrepreneursacademy.net


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