ND Store Fixtures Offers Tempered Glass to Slatwall Displays for Retail Usage


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- San Antonio, Texas Sep 19, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The way items are displayed in any type of retail environment has an impact on a customer’s inclination to purchase. A leader in multiple types of display cases and shelving options, ND Store Fixtures provides an extensive variety of attractive tempered glass shelves, retail display cases, and Slatwall fixtures to accommodate any retail requirement.

tempered glass shelf is particularly beneficial in retail environments. The shelving is impact resistant and very difficult to break. It’s also resistant to scratching and easy to clean. Available in multiple sizes, it’s ready-made for the space in which it will be used. Tempered glass is an elegant way to display a myriad of products and has a modern, timeless appeal.

ND Store Fixtures also offers multiple styles of retail display cases that lock, a core element for displaying valuable items. Store owners can choose from glass and acrylic display cases, along with those for counters, corners, and walls. Register stands and kiosks are also available. Individuals can select from frameless display cases, those that offer a full or extra view, cases with mirrored backs, and rotating cases.

Slatwall fixtures are offered in an extensive array of colors, sizes, and both solid and wire styles to meet any need. They’re especially beneficial for displaying folded garments. The shelving is offered in finished selections and individuals can choose unfinished for coordination with existing store elements. They’re an effective way to keep merchandise organized in storerooms. Slatwall fixtures work equally well in basements and garages to consolidate items for quick location when needed.

ND Store Fixtures features one of the largest selections of display options for any type of retail endeavor. The range of products ensures that large multi-outlet establishments can create the desired ambiance in their retail environments. Products are equally applicable for roadside produce and custom jewelry crafters to display their wares.


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ND Store Fixtures has provided quality retail display cases and store fixtures to retail businesses for more than 10 years. Our knowledgeable professionals can help customers select the right fixtures and display cases for their individual needs without exceeding their budget. We can also create custom display cases specifically designed to the customer’s needs.


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