Listen out for the Latest Release of the Talented Las Vegas Rapper CAINE OTH’s ‘Doot Doot Doot’


‘Doot Doot Doot’, the fresh release of the Las Vegas rapper CAINE OTH is impressive in all forms; a beautiful lyrical expression that is musically upbeat.


Tired of listening to the same old boring hip-hop and rap songs of this generation and looking for a fresh sound? Then your search ends here because the aspiring rapper CAINE OTH has released his fresh new single that is creating a buzz in the music industry. Turning the heads of hip-hop music lovers, the song ‘Doot Doot Doot’ impresses them with its upbeat music and dynamic composition. It has not been long since the artist debuted in the industry and has been uploading music on Soundcloud, the online streaming platform. Yet in this short time, he has created a loyal and strong fan base that is expanding with his every new release.

The song, ‘Doot Doot Doot’ is a result of the artist’s creative expression and caliber of making people groove with his artistic choice. In this past year, he has uploaded several songs and his art and creativity have gotten better with every single release. Thus, the latest release is capturing everyone’s attention as the artist has delivered performances like never before. The song is musically upbeat and composed with groovy tunes that capture the attention of the listeners and makes them keep track on repeat. The Las Vegas rapper has also showcased his immense talent for storytelling and songwriting which added an extra flavor to the track.

Complementing the well-written rap verses of this soundscape, CAINE OTH’s strong and powerful vocals complete the track. There are other performances of this rapper; ‘Dinner’, ‘Sloth Vibes’, ‘Lah Di Dah ft. Mary J Blige’, ‘Fingers ft. D’Angelo’, etc. which you can hear along with his discography on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify. For further updates, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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