Ron Turgeon is Winning Hearts with His Seamless Words in ‘Bonnies Song’, An Open Love Letter to His Wife


Groove along with the charming country vibes of Nashville Country Artist Ron Turgeon. From gripping musicality to seamless words ‘Bonnies Song’ is a masterpiece of music.

Ron Turgeon

Love has always been the reason behind every decision. Whatever you choose to be, love might always be the motivation behind it. Yet falling in love with a person and staying in love with that person is something very few people have witnessed. In this fast-paced world, Ron Turgeon is singing a love ballad for his wife and describing the first meeting they have had. During their first meeting, she was the waitress and he was a customer there he saw her face and instantly fell for her. In this song, he described every bit of the person from her ponytail, cute face, and hot legs in this number Bonnies Song. His vivid description of that first meeting has been narrated brilliantly by him.

The Nashville Country Artist is the reason that some people still believe in love and tend to work harder to keep and balance any relationship. He has just one song in this musical profile; that too a 2-year-old track. But still, people are willing to indulge in this number because of the magic merit of this track. Ron Turgeon has proved his worth and his impressive work is the reason people are falling for his compelling craft and his indulgent country vibes. Being in love is one of the best feelings that one can experience but ‘Bonnies Song’ is surely more than that. It is an open love letter, a poetic approach to accepting ones feeling for the significant other. Witness the gravity of the track on SoundCloud, apart from that you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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