O’Neill Fernandes Grants His 37th Album with The Love of Five Generations


Pop music artist from Perth O’Neill Fernandes brings together love ballads, like ‘Heart of My Heart’, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and ‘You Raise Me Up’ in new album.

O'Neill Fernandes

The 37th album by the composer and music artist  O’Neill Fernandes is a collection of love ballads that pays tribute to some of the greatest love anthems of all times and takes listeners on a nostalgic journey of music through various generations – from 1961 to 2010. The self-taught musician has carefully crafted a series of songs that are sure to bring joy and inspire the listeners, injecting them with a dose of gleeful positivity. The soothing implication of electronic music dominated by heavy synths breathes a new life into the tracks and adds a contemporary quality to the tracks. Songs from the album, like ‘Heart of My Heart’, ‘You’ll Never Walk Aloneand ‘You Raise Me Up’, have gained massive popularity among listeners.

‘Heart of My Heart’ is the title track of the album by the Pop music artist from Perth is a song from the  album ‘The Anthology Vol. 1’ by the Bellamy Brothers released in 2010. The song You Raise Me Up was originally composed by the Norwegian-Irish duo Secret Garden. ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ from the 1945 musical Carousel by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Each song explores the magical realm of love and immediately captivates and impresses listeners. The music fulfills its purpose of instilling a dreamy effect, and providing an escapism into a clam and contemplating state. The love and effort put into making the tracks is evident in each note and satisfies his aim to bring joy in the lives and smiles on the face of the listeners.

The pop familiarity in the three tracks, is also perceptible in the other tracks of the album, such as ‘This Song is Mine’ and ‘Butterfly’. It gives his music a cinematic, story-telling effect and a sense of warmth. The truly versatile melodious mix brings out a range of positive emotions. To listen to O’Neill Fernandes’s amazing tracks, log into SoundCloud and follow him on Facebook.

Please visit here to listen to the songs of O’Neill Fernandes: https://soundcloud.com/oneill-fernandes/sets/heart-of-my-heart