5 cardinal rules to follow before visiting a music submission site


Getting featured on a reputable music submission site is a dream of many emerging music artists; however, it is a daunting task. Know how you can make a better impression. 

music submission site

No matter what your musical style and genre are, music blogs can offer a huge amount of exposure to every kind of music artist. It is considered one of the most vital tools for artists to create a fanbase online. However, due to the constant evolution and competition in the music industry; it requires more than just purchasing a package. 

If you want a music submission site or a blogger or a curator to feature your music, it will require you to follow a few essential rules in order to get a better response. Here are 5 simple steps to start with. 

1. Find the right blogs

Make sure to opt for the submission sites that typically feature similar kinds of music to yours. Since there are genre-specific blogs as well as dynamic platforms with all kinds of blogs, you need to find want kind of content that suits your music. 

2. Never forget the guidelines

Following submission guidelines is crucial. If you do not follow the guidelines and drop a random mail with the request to get featured; the chances of getting ignored are high. Submission guidelines are provided on the official submission websites. Read them and follow them to get featured. 

3. Find contact and media details

Though there will be always a dedicated submission site, it is important to have the contact and media details of the agency. Whether it is online chat support or email support, make sure to contact the agency in case of any queries. It is better to clear your doubts before rather than regret them later. The contact details provide the assurance that it is a legitimate platform where you can contact us anytime. 

4. Proofreading

Good spelling, grammar, and punctuation are always necessary when you are trying to make some promotional approach through content. Good grammar equals a good impression. 

5. Easier for Bloggers

Don’t send files attached in the email since the submission sites receive a ton of emails every day and even bloggers would not download the files. Make it easier for them by sending links that directly take them to your music profile and media kit. 

Following these rules increases the chance of getting featured on a reputable music submission website.