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Aesthetic Armour

Kanpur, Dec 7, 2022 ( – Aesthetic Armour is a premium sports apparel brand and an online retailer based in India that provides gym wear at genuine and affordable rates. This Indian brand was founded on 29 November 2021, growing speedily over the months, and even making its mark in the NFT universe. 

With various Indian firms marking their presence in Metaverse every day, Aesthetic Armour (an International Indian premium sports clothing brand) has recently become India’s first sports clothing brand to launch its NFT on 3 March 2022.

With their focus on premium segments of gym wears including t-shirts, joggers, track pants, and many more, Aesthetic Armour is all set to launch worldwide shipping by 2023.

The company was founded in 2020 by Tushar Mishra, a renowned athlete and former Mr. India Universe Tourism 2018, who has also won various titles like Mr. India Subcontinent in 2016, Mr. Lucknow Bodybuilding, Mr. Uttar Pradesh, Musclemania India Physique, Mr. Fashion Monthly & India’s First Beach Body Champion along with Handsome Hunk of Asia title in 2020).

Aesthetic Armour provides a complete customer-friendly experience by extending its service post-sales. Customers can reach out to the team to address any grievances, that are immediately addressed. Due to its holistic services, Aesthetic Armour has attracted a lot of loyal customers who appreciate the brand’s unique style and design. Aesthetic Armour is considered to be the best sportswear brand in India! Visit their official website to learn more about their products and find the perfect piece of sportswear for you!

Aesthetic Armour
Founded and developed in 2020 by Tushar Mishra. Aesthetic Armour is a Premium sports apparel brand and online retailer based in India. Our goal is to provide the segments at very genuine and affordable rates. Aesthetic Armour family is growing very fast and we are getting a lot of appreciation and love from our customers.
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