How to Write an SEO Press Release Effectively?


SEO Press Release

A press release can rank quickly and spread the news efficiently for businesses. Due to its ability to pop up on the search engine result pages (SERP) of the browsers, the document is widely used in reputation management, urgent announcements, upcoming event declaration, and many other purposes. However, all of these purposes will be fulfilled only when the PR is SEO optimized. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is was helps a press release rank better.

If you are looking forward to distributing an SEO press release for your business; here are some important tips to follow. Following these tips help your PR campaign become more optimized and effective.

1. Don’t Send Everywhere for More Coverage

You don’t need to send the same press release to every other platform for distribution for wider coverage if the platform is relevant to your industry. When you send the PR everywhere, Google and Bing essentially ignore most of the versions of syndicated duplicates. A wise move would be crafting the PR from different angles even if based on the same story and then sending it out to the different distribution platforms. As a result, the story gets more visibility without appearing spammy or duplicate.

2. Keyword Research

It is the most important step for SEO since keywords help to improve the online visibility of the content; however, it has to have a high search value and should be relevant to your business. Look for the search phrases that most users do who are the potential target audiences for your PR campaign. Online keyword tools can greatly help in the purpose. There are two kinds of key phrases you need to look for.

• Primary Key Phrase – It is the main keyword that possesses a higher search value and it carries a lot of significance and competitiveness.

• Secondary Key Phrase – This is the secondary phrase that helps in optimization; however it is not very competitive and is often used to support the primary key phrase in the content.

3. Write the Content Correctly

You might have already known the format of a PR that is comprised of a header or title, initial paragraph, body, concluding paragraph, and boilerplate. When writing an SEO press release; you need to follow the same format but with some additional SEO practices. Such as,

• Title – The brand name should definitely be in the title. It works like a signal to the search engines that the content is regarding the brand or the company. You can also incorporate the primary key phrase in it to gain more attention.

• Quick Summary – Offer a quick summary of the whole content while adding the primary keyword to it. It works like the metadata that offers a better ranking on SERP.

• Body of the PR – You can use both primary and secondary key phrases in this section that elaborates the story. However, you can also use the secondary key phrase in the ‘About The Company’ portion.

• More Elements – Embed links, add images, and other multimedia elements that help to turn your PR more SEO-friendly and discoverable.

Concluding Thoughts

Do not get too carried away with links and keywords as excessive use of them can make the PR perform worse. It is always better to take professional help from an expert or you can even hire a reputed agency for it.