Indian Diaspora Gathers in London in Protest against the Desecration of the Indian Flag by pro-Khalistanis following the Arrest of Amritpal Singh


The Indian diaspora in the UK gathered outside the Indian High Commission in London in a demonstration of solidarity against the pulling down of the Indian flag by pro-Khalistanis.


Image credit- Hindusthan Times

Displaying a strong protest against the tearing down of the Indian tricolor flying on top of the Indian High Commission in London, the Indian diaspora came together and gathered outside the office demanding strict action to be taken vis-à-vis the incident, and urged the British Government and London’s mayor Sadiq Khan to take swift action against the Khalistani supporters involved in the escapade.

Soon videos emerged, of a huge crowd of protestors, who were seen waving the Indian flag as a large outpour of NRIs in Britain expressed their support against this pro-Khalistani act and joined in the gathering. One of the protesters reported to the press that it was time for the British government and the mayor to get into action rather than merely releasing statements. Another protester expressed the communal dismay that they felt regarding the “insulting” act of desecrating the flag and that they all stand united in their cause.

Another video emerged where a British officer was seen dancing along with the diaspora on the song ‘Jai Ho’ from the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. One of the protesters, working for FISI – an NGO working towards the cause of India in matters of mutual concern internationally- condemned the movement saying that the Khalistanis “will never win because it’s a movement based on terror”.

The incident of pulling down the tricolor in London was a retaliation against the crackdown launched by the Punjab Police two days earlier against the radical preacher Amritpal Singh who had been fighting for the creation of Khalistan and had been propagating the idea of an independent state for the Sikhs. The Sikh community on Monday stood in solidarity with India as they staged a protest outside the UK High Commission in Delhi. The senior-most British diplomat was summoned by the external affairs ministry in New Delhi to lodge a protest. Several communities held a reverse protest against the arrest of Singh, calling it “discriminatory”. Internet remained suspended in Punjab while the police searched for the preacher until they finally found and arrested him.

The British High Commissioner Alex Ellis took to Twitter on Tuesday to criticize the attack on the Indian High Commission and the desecration of the Indian flag in the UK, as he wrote:

“I condemn the disgraceful acts today against the people and premises of the High Commission of India – totally unacceptable.”