Giving a Major Update to Hip-Hop Playlists, Vee-Jay Has Released ‘Wanna ride’


Wanna ride by VeeJay


The talented hip-hop whizz Vee-Jay has released his newest song ‘Wanna ride’, showcasing his innate talent for storytelling and sublime musical genius.


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Montezuma, Georgia Jun 20, 2023 ( – Striking an impressive balance between familiarity and freshness, the newest release by the promising new star on the hip-hop horizon Vee-Jay, Wanna ride brings a serene trip that engulfs the listeners into an ambiance of comfort and easy listening. The song introduces itself with a tune of flickering recognizability which instantly piques the interest of the listeners while the pristine vocal maneuvers of the artist find an equilibrium between the raw and organic quality of his voice against the electronic backdrop, creating a lasting impression on the listeners.

There is an innate brightness and optimism about the song which shines through despite the hardcore reality that the lyrics are rooted in reality, as the artist holds back nothing when it comes to expressing himself through his art. Each line of verse attests to a deeply creative and emotionally contemplative mind, which enables the listeners to connect with him on a deeper level. The amalgamation of timeless hip-hop with the series of contemporary bars gives the song a perception of identity as the singer delves deep into his intrinsic flair for storytelling, breathing new life into the verses and conveying the underlying concept of the song perfectly to the audience.

The inherent smoothness of the sound design along with the unquestionable confidence and passion that Vee-Jay exudes in the single makes ‘Wanna ride’ a priceless gem in his musical repertoire. However, with songs like ‘Another Case’ and ‘100 Round Drum’ to his credit, the sheer brilliance of the latest release comes as no surprise and is a treat to the earbuds of true hip-hop lovers. Check out these adroit pieces of melody on Spotify. Follow the artist on Facebook to never miss another update.

Just go for this track ‘Wanna ride’ by Vee-Jay:

Wanna ride by VeeJay

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