Giving Trap Music A New Light, Carlito Panama Releases New Single ‘Way I Get It’ Ft. Rick Ross


Carlito Panama


Join the exciting musical ballad of Carlito Panama who is impressing his worldwide listeners with a brand new single ‘Way I Get It’ft. Rick Ross, is available on Spotify.


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Atlanta, Georgia Oct 30, 2023 ( – Hip-hop and Trap music can be very versatile which is why so many musicians are attracted to it. These music genres have given several artists their fame and popularity in this world and a new addition to this list is Carlito Panama. This talented musician is taking the genre of Trap and Hip-hop music to new heights and his newest single is a testament to it. Way I Get Itft. Rick Rossis the latest release of the artist that is already bringing some waves in the industry. The song starts with a bang and maintains the energy throughout the entire composition.

Carlito Panama has never been tedious, be it his music or his personality. His dynamic and zestful personality gets a massive reflection through his music, especially his latest single. Hailing from the United States, the musician has always felt a true connection with hip-hop music, and through his craft, he channeled his love and passion and brought the audience a smooth underground Trap track that is bound to become his most streamed singles in the discography.

‘Way I Get It’ ft. Rick Rossishas a bouncy and sparkling composition that lights up the entire room instantly. With these frisky beats, his emotive storytelling and quirky lyrics have complemented the track to another level. In addition to the already perfected scenario, the artist also produced some really powerful yet indefatigable vocals that add the missing spice to the song. This collaboration with Rick Ross is now available on Spotify along with his popular previous releases like ‘Chop It Up‘, ‘Need Your Body Girl‘, ‘On Top‘, ‘Diamond Bezels‘, etc.  Follow him on Instagram for the latest updates and his upcoming music releases.

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