Demi Moore Accuses Ex-Husband Ashton Kutcher Of Cheating On Her



The latest in the gossip is Demi Moore’s new memoir Inside Out but that’s not the reason why she has been the talk of the town. During an interview with The New York Times, the actress revealed some shocking stories about her relationships including her own family.

The 56-year-old actress revealed some shocking facts including the fact that she was raped at the age of 15.

Demi Moore was previously married to Bruce Willis with whom she had a child. Moving on, she started romancing the That 70s Show star Ashton Kutcher in 2003 with whom she got pregnant. However, he had a miscarriage only after 6 months into the pregnancy. Post the trauma she felt that the issue had huge repercussions on her marriage and almost as if she was repeating her past mistakes.

Married in 2005, Moore started undergoing fertility treatments along with taking up some bad habits like drinking and taking Vicodin, until their love paradise finally broke up in 2013.

Demi Moore reveals that Ashton Kutcher cheated. Further, the Times revealed that back in 2012, the actress had a seizure on the floor while she was hanging out with her daughter Rumer. She even collapsed in her LA home and had to be ru8shed to the hospital for convulsions.

Demi revealed how the entire matter had shocked her and the fact that she was not able to hold onto any solid and permanent relationship was killing her from inside. Later he went to rehab for eating disorders and substance abuse addiction. However, she decided to take control of her life and get back to her long on hold career which in the meanwhile was seeing a drastic downfall.

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