Hip-hop’s Lyrical and Rhythmic Enigma in Trap Baby Dre’s ‘Head To Toe’ is a Creative Module of Musical Glory


Ganga mannThe territories of hip-hop have gone through considerable changes and today, the genre stands as a collection of various musical works led on by the instinctive take of different artists. Upcoming rapper and artist Trap Baby Dre is nurturing the contemporary elements of hip-hop and creating his lineage of arrangements. His new song release ‘Head To Toe’ is in collaboration with fellow artist Casino that brims with the compelling flavors of structured musical formatting. ‘Head To Toe’ is a lyrical fortitude in all its glory that does not shy away from celebrating cultural intermingling and musical evolution in hip-hop styles. Trap Baby Dre has put together some of the most invasive lyrical trails in his new song that leaves his audience wanting more.

Trap Baby Dre is originally from Detroit, Michigan but currently based out of Birmingham, Alabama. He goes by his alter ego, ‘Ganja Mann’ like a proud artist here to deliver his musical instincts without holding back his true self. His songs reflect his personality and ability to adapt and change through the acceptance and inclusiveness of both lyrics and backing music. Some of his other songs like ‘There He Go’, ‘No Games’, and ‘Young Og’ exemplify his virtues in structured expressions. It is as if Trap Baby Dre attempts to tell his own story of life, emotions, and yearnings, the keys elements of existence through the clarity of his lyrical flow. As he continues to expand his musical exposure and audience stream with the insightful glory of his soundscape, his global rise to the top and as an important part of the hip-hop fraternity is not far from reaching critical and commercial fulfillment. Follow him on YouTube, Spotify, and Facebook to experience hip-hop’s grooviest man in town.