‘T Law’s Bars’ by the Extremely Talented Chicago Rapper T Law is an Enticing Piece of Hip Hop


T Law

Wonderfully produced under BankFlow ENT, along with the vocal line, offering a fusion of some fascinating pieces of hip hop, audiences get to witness stunning pieces of sonic delight – T Law’s Bars’ fills up the ambiance with moments of greatness in an intoxicating fashion. The seductive notes of ‘So Much To Say’ lead the audiences towards ambient sections, offered through the performance of the Chicago rapper T Law. Each moment adds up to the overall impact of this project, ultimately getting concluded in such a way that forces the listeners to repeat it. T Law has left everyone spellbound with ‘What You Been Through’, which is already a fan-favorite and on top of the music charts. Once you listen to, you are bound to hit the repeat button.

The hook section of ‘GO’ is repeated in such a way that the melody and the groove leave the ambiance and comes back to capture the senses more tightly. The laid back and effortlessly smooth performance of T Law has led to the overall greatness of ‘Fear No Evil’ across the globe. The artist has pretty sensibly exploited the rhythmic ingredients, extracting the best out of all the elements utilized. An unusual tone wrapped within dreamy notes of hip hop and presented through the fascinating performance of the artist, ‘Do We Still Matter’ stands the tallest among all. You can listen to the EP ‘T Law’s Bars’ on SoundCloud. Also, visit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information on his future releases.

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