XtravagentK has etched out riveting sounds of hip hop with crisp vocals in the track ‘Magna Defender’


XtravagentK has dished out a lively pace and an insane flow in the hip hop number ‘Magna Defender’. It is a splendid offering by the Upcoming California rapper.

XtravagentKThe prolific musician, XtravagentK has paved the way for uncharted levels of ecstasy with his latest hip hop number. The fierce bass-lines and the hard-hitting sounds in the track ‘Magna Defender’ have gripped the audience. The passionate vocals by the Upcoming California rapper have created magic. The tracks have a heavy rhythm and it is released by the futuristic production house called ‘RoxKSTaR DRiP’. The artist has an aggressive style and it comes with an addictive groove in the track. The versatility of the rapper has struck a chord with an innumerable number of fans all across the globe. The fans are queued up on his Facebook profile to catch a glimpse of the shared posts. The shared updates available on his Instagram handle are savored by his fans.

The mind-blowing number, ‘Magna Defender’ have touches of funk and high-energy vibes. The astounding hip-hop artist, XtravagentK has given a gritty performance with an effortless and carefree approach. . The track kicks into gear with indomitable swagger and style and has got the best of the bounce in the groove. The rapper has generated excellent excitement and adrenalized the fans with infectious beats. His style of aggressive rap has got a phenomenal appeal among young rap lovers. The catchy flow in the whip-smart hook and the modern references in the narration have created ripples. His tracks have an outstanding rhythm and it is streamed on apps like Soundcloud. The exotically shot music videos by the rapper are available on YouTube.

Here is the link to this track: https://soundcloud.com/xtravagentk/magna-defender