Listen to California Pop Singer Natasha Jane Julian’s Song ‘I Love U Paris’ to Get Inspired and Motivated


Listen to the heartfelt love letter to the city of Paris written across a beautiful, melodic, and lyrical flow by upcoming musician Natasha Jane Julian. She recently collaborated with UK-based producer and composer Ian Barter for the song, ‘I Love U Paris’. The song is an assortment of various creative formats and elements that come together in a pop-inspired stream of creative excellence. The artist’s vocal prowess and ethereal magnetism make the song stand out in an instant. Dreamy and inspiring, the song evokes hope to overcome tough situations and emerge with a smile. Her vocal harmonies and creative presence move across the whole song making it a beautiful union of themes and music.

Upcoming California pop singer Natasha Jane Julian’s soundscape is influenced by a diverse array of genres and sounds such as melodic, alternative rock, art rock, pop, and more. As a result, she is exceptional in her resources that are combined to form a flowing course of music and lyrics. ‘I Love U Paris’ presents her musical abilities and pushes her more towards bigger accomplishments. Some of her other songs that were instrumental in formulating her sound and style include ‘Brother Brother’, ‘My Wicked Game’, ‘West Coast Girl’, and ‘Summertime Sadness’. Her music is for the contemporary wind that assimilates lyrics and themes in its own way. She is currently working on a new album. Follow her on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, and her official website.

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