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Neuroscience Coaching Program Tailored For Our Brains
Quick, Effective & Life Lasting – 21st Century Style.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Bordeaux, Gironde Aug 14, 2021 ( – Know that at last modern-day coaching is here and electroshocks are definitely a thing of the past!  Today at SO Business Academy, we teach you that you do have the power to build ‘Mental Muscles’ within your own brain.


A 7-week program, to start building new neurological pathways within the brain.


By using techniques found in neuroscience, cognitive behaviour analysis, and positive psychology… these new pathways are guided to be formed in the region of the right hemisphere of the brain. This is where all your innate skills sets are to be found, so it’s a return to source as it were.

Life Lasting. 

Once the new neuronal pathway has been created and habitually used – the optimal word is habitual – the brain will go the route of less energy used the prefrontal cortex & the ‘mind’ will tend away naturally from the left hemisphere where the lizard fear-based brain resides.


21st Century Style.

“Incredible. Right? ” An app on your phone to do simple exercises (2 minutes x 3 times a day), will start the change in neuronal activity in areas of your brain. Incredibly right?!


What this means for you is….


 The right hemisphere is where you thrive & where your Sage powers lie: empathy, creativity, innovation, laser focus action taking…

Naturally Decreasing/letting go:

The left hemisphere is where your fear-based lizard brain lies – with it the Saboteurs (Judge, Controller,  Avoider, Stickler,  Victim…) keeping you ‘safe’ in your comfort zone. My Judge often says (oops said!) ‘You stupid fool, you’ll fail, and yes we know about failing forwards right?!’ And more Sage Perspective where everything is a gift ‘So you failed this. Now, what is the lesson to learn? 


Because of our Neurodivergent Mind often self-help programs are not suited for us but because with this program it is YOU building your own ‘Mental Muscle’ it is truly life-changing for us too!


Flexing the ‘Mental Muscle’ then allows us doubly gifted autistic Aspergers females: 

Gift 1

    • Reduce triggers; 
    • Less anxiety;
    • A different quality of life (more spoons i.e. energy to spend on doing things rather than spending energy dreading them…)

Gift 2

    • Your arborescent brain will seem to be in autumn, 
      • shed of its leaves so as to allow you clearer ideas;

    • More focused action TAKING;
    • Ready to rebound should you fail (you will, one cannot but fail forwards);
    • Have a whole time slot open up within your mind, 
        • as you cease to ask a load of questions and just allow to be in the now;

    • With this freed up space you can calmly focus on the right question to ask;
    • Giving you more clarity and thus the upward spiral towards stable happiness starts;
    • More time freedom;
    • Fewer questions;
    • Shhh, quiet here…


This really is a new dimension and all that for any human is a tremendous aptitude but for us, Neurodivergents is a whole new world of possibilities that opens up. 

All that in itself is worth its weight in gold! (First-hand experience.)


Like any muscle building process it needs:

1. Consistency

  • Daily exercising off the app (2 mins 3 x day);
  • Here the more times the merrier equally applies especially in the beginning;


2. A Coach

  • Inspiration, congratulations, compassion, silence, space, a knowing grace…
  • Neurodivergent Mind of my own, I know…


3. Accountability Buddies

  • POD meetings to discuss the latest video once a week. 
  • Here space is held by peers (Max 5) who completely understand you, know where you’re coming from and how best to support you; 
  • Strong bonds are made within the POD & more importantly breakthroughs happen as the neuronal pathways are being created.


The program itself, created by Shirzad Chamine, is known as POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE©.  Shirzad Chamine has a science and tech background (a couple of PhDs, CEO of a software company and CEO of the largest coach training organisation…), he has spent many years perfecting the program and (paraphrasing) ‘…if the brain is likened to hardware then consider the PI program the software update.  And like the update of your phone, it overrides the old!’

That’s why it’s fast-acting. No years in analysis, no medication… Just 6 weeks of daily exercises start the creation process of building new neuronal pathways in the right empathetic, creative, action-taking right hemisphere!


The exercises have come to form the realms of positive psychology, cognitive behaviour analysis, and neuroscience,  and because it has been undertaken by over 400K people from 50 countries ranging from CEOs to Ballet Dancers…. So the program has had time to be refined to near perfection, in my humble opinion.


Now the Neurodivergent Mind Community will have a program to suit their brain. Because you build your own ‘Mental Muscle.’ 


About us:

We are a developing company motivated by changing the way coaching is done. 

We are proud to be doing so and bringing it into the modern digital 21st century!

Catherine has her own Neurodivergent Mind and decided to put it to the best use possible! Having coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, divorcees, domestic violence survivors she developed quite a skill for seeing the little things that others did not and has a knack for speaking her mind! 

When she was diagnosed with Aspergers, in her early 50s there was no going back – she came out of the traditional coaching arena and put all her scientific background to use. Now she uses her own methodologies as well as a mental fitness program – Positive Intelligence – to help neurodivergent minds feel as they belong in this world and can also help neurotypicals appreciate all the qualities of their confreres. 

On a completely different note for the environment of such a wonderful agricultural area, we support the shooting community of Charleval (Bouches du Rhône, France) for all the biodiversity support they provide this wonderful area.


For more information


Workshops coming soon… (As soon as you need them 😉

To cater to larger groups who have neurodivergent children, peers, coworkers…

Family unit workshop;

Workplaces workshop;

Schools workshop.

We all have Saboteurs left brain hemisphereBecome Sage right brain hemisphereThis is me in the office  reallyNeuroscience can use some meditative techniques

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If your brain is likened to a computer then this program is the software update…
Like any other update, it over rides the old-period.
[email protected]
31 rue Ulysse Gayon

+33 613 525 257

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