Hayatullah H Rahmatullah M Naim’s Book ‘Little Boy Big World’ Spins a Captivating Saga of Penetrable Realities


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- New York, United States Sep 10, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Author Hayatullah H Rahmatullah M Naim’s book, ‘Little Boy Big World’ is an autobiographical saga of a young Afghan boy and his experiences growing up in war-torn Afghanistan. The story takes the readers on a permeable journey about the impact of social injustice and violence on the mind of a boy of impressionable age.

The story is his own with the protagonist carrying the same name as his. Hayat’s real-world story covers his life from adolescence to young adulthood in 2015. The captivating story chronicles the routines of his family life that reside in a male-dominated society, his village’s struggles against a violent regime, and the fight to secure education for boys and girls alike. The story also takes the readers through an undulating and relatable emotional verse depicting his love and affection for his parents, siblings, and best friend, Juma even during times of crisis. However, stirring events jerked the young boy to reality as he begins to grow from thereon imbibing a new perspective towards life. Although he overcomes the statutory, forced growth, he is soon thrust into the lifestyle his father’s work demands and, to meet those demands, is forced to grow up at an age when most boys are still in school and playing sports.

 Author Hayatullah H Rahmatullah M Naim was born in Afghanistan and grew up during the Taliban’s widespread infiltration in the country. He went through times of social and political instabilities and later moved to Dubai at the age of 14 and pursued a profession in the textile industry. The book is not just his personal account of boyhood but also opens the closed perspective and awareness about a country whose history has contributed to the unstable lives of many young boys and girls before the entire world. The paperback and Kindle is available for sale on Amazon.

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