Supporters Of Trump Got Agitated With Some Comments Of Him On Covid-19 Vaccines



Former United States President Donald Trump recently said in an interview that one of the biggest achievements of his presidency is providing his people the vaccines of covid-19.

After a few months of his low activity in front of the media recently on December 19, he told the former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly that he received the booster shot.

Candace Owen said two days later that the shots are not safe. In reply to that Trump said that the shots are completely safe and there are no worries regarding the booster.

Trump has protested against the current President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandatory rule which has made people criticize him and the supporter offended against him.

People are suspecting that going against Biden’s rule is an act for the next 2024 presidential run. For the next election, he needs to build a group of his supporter, and when the vaccine is one of the important topics then it will affect people’s thoughts by his actions.

Alex Jones the conspiracy theorist has said that it is difficult to say that if Trump is being completely ignorant or being one of the evil men by touting the vaccines. It is not clear that why he is always up to show the former president a negative persona.

On the other hand radio host Wayne Allyn Root, a core Trump supporter said that the former president is right on everything except the part of the vaccine. This is not a matter to create an issue; this can be altered at any time.

Reuters the spokesperson said that there is no hurry for the reply on this topic; he has contributed a lot to the pandemic situation.

A lot of supporters have gone against Trump but most of his supporters are still beside him and considering his part in tough times.

Ron Filipkowski, a former federal prosecutor and Trump critic who monitors the extreme right, said Trump going out of his way to tout the vaccines has sent “shockwaves” through his base.