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(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Melbourne, Victoria Apr 20, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Wholesale Group International (WGI) specializes in the supply of food technology and packaging product solutions.

Through an associated business, (Oxygen Absorber Australia), WGI delivers nutritional, food technology, and packaging consultancy to small, medium, and multinational food manufacturers, and food distributors in Australia and also Japan.

We specialize in the implementation of oxygen absorbers and an assortment of other absorbers (eg. CO2 releasing/ absorbing) in food products to extend shelf-life; Superior quality to traditional oxygen-absorbing satchel, reducing preservatives used in food products. Our customers have specific quality assurance requirements (eg., WQA, BRC, ISO22000: HACCP, SQF2000) We can also assist in the selection of scientific testing and laboratory equipment for your food company’s in-house testing lab.

Boasting more than 25 trademarks and patents, Wholesale Group International Pty. Ltd., is by far the market leader in innovation in packaging technology.


Bag of Oxygen Absorbers (above)

They can be in a powdered form added to the film, or food i.e. ascorbic acid (vitamin C) (Dave et. al. 1997).
They are sometimes also called ‘Oxygen Scavengers’, ‘oxygen absorber packets’, ‘o2 absorbers’, ‘oxygen packs’, ‘oxygen removers’. Primarily, oxygen absorbers are used for food storage i.e. fresh fruit and vegetables (Charles et. al. 2003), walnuts (Jensen et. al. 2003), raw almond kernels (Mexis & Kontominas 2010)& & fruit colour stabilizers (Tarr & Clingeleffer 2005), with CO2 absorbers in strawberries (Aday et. al. 2011; Kartel et. al. 2012) but also for use with pharmaceutical products and also equipment storage as well.
Extensive literature reviews regarding oxygen absorbers and active packaging have been written by Miltz & Perry 2004, Han 2005, Rooney 2005, Kadoya 2012, Tian et. al. 2013, Realini & Marcos 2014 & Cichello 2015.
They can be placed in high oxygen barrier containers i.e. HDPE tubs or packaging i.e. PVdC coated PET/ or Nylon. A popular choice is mylar bags which are commonly used in food storage.
Mylar food storage bags are used by the military but also by those preparing for food shortages such as “preppers”, which is a normal occurrence in nature, and also by human civilisation due to war, famine, and pestilences such as CoVid19 pandemic, and food shortages.


Some common brands include OxySorb & OxyFree trademarks (Wholesale Group International), Ageless (Mitsubishi), which are food-grade oxygen absorbers; HACCP and USFDA compliant, and so forth.
Often, oxygen absorbers are used in combination with moisture-absorbing packets such as silica gel or silica/ clay gel desiccants.
They are not ‘deoxidizers’. They can be combined with ethanol emitters (Latou et. al. 2010) in sliced wheat bread preservation, gluten-free bread (Gutiérrez et. al. 2011), combined with rosemary oil extract in rainbow trout fillets (Mexis et. al. 2009), Greek cod paste (Mexis et. al. 2009), catfish steaks (Mohan et. al. 2006), chicken meat and citrus extract (Mexis et. al. 2012) and modified atmosphere packing with pork sausages (Martínez et. al. 2006), chocolate (Mexis et. al. 2010), milk powder (Thomsen et. al. 2005), with Kerry et. al. 2006 reviewing applications in meat, and Tian et. al. 2013 lipid oxidation.


– The oxygen absorber/ oxygen scavengers, as the name suggests, absorb oxygen in food storage, inhibiting fungi and aerobic bacteria and prolonging food shelf-life.
More information can be found here on Wikipedia. Product applications include adding to wheat, rice, etc., for food storage to kill weevils, but not stop botulism, as it is caused by Clostridium spp., which can grow in the absence of oxygen.
You can apply oxygen absorbers to bags of coffee to keep fresh, beef jerky, bread, etc. “Ammo storage” is best stored with a desiccant instead of an oxygen absorber.


– Sizes/ Amount; 20cc, 30cc, 50cc, 100cc, 200cc, 300cc, 500cc, 1000cc, and 2000cc.
We also supply the dispenser machine that can automate the addition of the oxygen absorber to bags of food.
How can you calculate the correct sized oxygen absorber? Using a size chart, or calculator?
No. Due to a lot of variables you need to contact us for advice i.e. food moisture content, OTR, WVTR of packaging, seal width, and heat seal curve of polymer used for the packaging.


– Place food in food storage bags such as flexible packaging i.e. nylon, PET, PVdC, etc, or Mylar 1 gallon bags or 5-gallon buckets for food storage.


Caution; oxygen absorber may become warm or hot; non-dangerous. Do not feed to pets i.e. eaten by dog/ cat, consume/ eat ingestion (choking hazard. If they are accidentally cooked/ boiled/ fall into soup do not consume them. Often people say “my dog ate an oxygen absorber”, and is it safe. OxyFree and OxySorb oxygen absorbers are safe, but we cannot comment about other brands, especially dodgy Ebay sellers with no brand name.
Also do not microwave (discard food), the chemical contents/ reaction of oxygen absorbers are safe and non-toxic, non-dangerous but please seek medical assistance if swallowed. Beware of authors’ on Youtube claiming the use of heat pads and ” Oxygen absorbers, their dirty little secret exposed”, heat pads are not FDA approved for contact with food and may contain heavy metals.

– Quantity Purchase; bulk packets or ongoing wholesale trade please contact us for quotations. To buy now please go to the online store.

– What is the difference between an oxygen absorber and silica gel? Both absorb moisture primarily and thus are desiccants, but in a step 2 process, the oxygen absorber also absorbs oxygen. What is the black powder inside? Ferrous carbonate, activated carbon, salt, and moisture.

– Quality or condition of the oxygen absorber can be determined by viewing the indicator color. Also, contact us for non-ferrous alternatives i.e. using vitamin c.
The OxySorb oxygen absorbers are not-reusable but can be recycled as a soil conditioner [IP Australia Patent; 2017204636]

– Location to buy near me? Find us at our online store and also on Amazon, & Ebay Australia. We ship globally, Jarkata to Japan, Melbourne to Malaysia,

We do not sell on Alibaba (China), K-mart, or Walmart.

– Go to market strategy; we are the market makers in innovation and technology, research when it, comes to Oxygen Absorbers and shelf-life.

Patent 1 (Oxygen Absorber Re-Use Soil Conditioner)

Patent 2 – Cellophane Based Biodegradable Oxygen Absorber

Read More Here – Oxygen Absorber Summary (Scientific Evidence by the trademark owner for use of trademarked oxygen absorbers).

Publication; ‘Oxygen absorbers in food preservation: a review’.

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Oxygen Absorber Australia
OxySorbTM Oxygen absorbers are highly useful little satchels that are added to enclosed packaging to modify the atmosphere to eliminate oxygen in the package. Without oxygen most food spoilage mould; ‘fungi’ cannot grow.
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