Tiny Harris Unveils Her New Look On Social Media




Harris’s fans are overwhelmed to see her new look and are showering her with so much love and praises that they completely failed to notice her contest post. Tiny Harris invites hers fans to take part in a contest which they don’t seem to be interested in.

Tiny Harris looks gorgeous in her blue hair which perfectly matches her blue eyes. Her stunning looks drifted the focus from her post. The steps read that everyone has to follow @thunder0576 for being eligible. This would further double their chances to win if they liked and commented on the first 3 pictures of everyone @thunder0576 is following. For obvious reasons, the post did not go down with her fans.

Following the steps successfully will earn a person $5000 which is too good to be true. She also mentioned that buying is not mandatory and that the sweepstakes will end in 5 days. The lucky winner will be announced on @thunder0576’s Instagram page. Added to this she also mentioned that the person should be over 16 years and have a PayPal account to claim the prize money.

People didn’t digest the statement and stated that in their comments. However they didn’t forget to praise her new looks and expresses their love for her.

A follower of Tiny wrote that she prays for someone to get lucky and win the lump sum amount as she knows the struggle of a single mother.

While another person thanked her for the opportunity and requested Tiny to send only half the money and send the rest to someone who is in real need of it.

Tiny recently was seen going out with her BFF’s and that is what got the notice of her fans.