R. Kelly Is Alleged For Being ‘Too Controlling’ With His Co-Workers




Lil Rel makes it clear that he is not picking R. Kelly’s side when he has got some serious allegation of sexual assaults and creating a terror within the group of co-workers for taking control over every individual step. Lil Rel, after working with him, perceives that R. Kelly Is Controlling And ‘Too Extra,’ far from being a pleasant man in real life.

Though there are some serious accusations against once acclaimed the king of R&B R. Kelly, the story with co-star Lil Rel is a little different. Many people are now talking about what has created a buzz already placing their guesses with an online discussion regarding the cause of the breach of connection between these two celebrities, but this perception can be wrong too, that is perceived shortly after the interview with star Lil Rel .

According to Lil Rel, problems started to rise with the artist while working on the set for the video of “Trapped in the Closet.” The two artists have known and worked with each other before as well and came forward to tell the world about his experience of working with R. Kelly so far and putting forward the red flags he had observed in this recent times. Something happened recently which begot disliking in Lil Rel for the R&B singer R. Kelly.

Lil Rel recounts an incident with a young dancer who was appointed to work with R. Kelly on the set which led to unpleasant situations later on. His encounter with the dancer gave him a real glance of what could be doing, having doubts with a heavy heart that there might be more to just working together for these two.

He says in an interview that there was another stand-in, in the team, a young lady of Kelly’s background dancers who was there for a couple of shows and touring with him. Lil Rel, when met her, shared a good time with laughs and conversations while knowing each other. But what was bothering him that Kelly’s bothering glance at him every time she laughed with him. The next day, to his surprise, sensed some tension in the dancer and she became awfully quiet and did not talk to any of the team members the whole time.

That kind of behavior was quite the opposite of how she acted with Lil Rel the other day and so it got him worried a bit. The comedian then added that he actually pulled her aside to talk to her personally and asked if he did something strange the other night which kept her off from hanging out with him normally. She then said something bizarre that shocked him, saying ‘he’ did not want her to talk and share an ample amount of time with anyone there. When he emphasized on who was that ‘he’, she said it was none other than Robert alias R. Kelly. She followed his command and did not exchange a word further for the whole time it was filming. It was strange and crazy how R. Kelly controlled the lives and liberty of his team. In the end, he had a smirky smile on his face as she chose not to talk to her.

Lil Rel, the famous comedian, continues to share another encounter or rather experience of working with the famous singer where R. Kelly wanted to pay a visit to him but actually sent someone on his behalf when everyone was there, at the same place, in this VIP area. They exchanged greetings though but sometimes he feels that it is too much with him. He sometimes is so flamboyant and smug that the comedian has grown a disliking for him. Lil Rel is from the West Side of Chicago and everybody knows him too for his work and success. The attitude of the R&B superstar sometimes goes beyond the water level.

Now the accusations against his domination and abusive nature are coming into the light with the victims coming forward. But the celebrity comedian has found the truth about R. Kelly’s controlling and abusive nature already while working with him on many projects. He had a bad hunch about Kelly from the beginning. He is not surprised to see these allegations against him.

On the other hand, the accused and the disgraced singer did not utter any confident statement on Lil Rel’s complain and kept his detailed participation with Lil Rel in the dark. He has been charged with sexual assault accusations by various women including his former girlfriend and has not denied or taken steps for these allegations made by the victims. Whatever the truth might be but these accusations are throwing him in the worst place making his fans disheartened.

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