Trap Baby Dre’s New Music Video ‘Yoke’ Flows Smoothly to Become an Instant Hit Amongst his Fans


Trap Baby Dre digs deep into the concept of self-respect and balances engaging rhythms and rising intensity with a clear level of direction and purpose in his latest music video. The song hits like an impressive and smooth flowing contemporary hip-hop but the artist has skillfully included his own distinctive elements to make the track stand out from the rest. The whole song has been stylistically articulated to serve as an enjoyable record with the varied flow of rap. The rapper has genuinely included refreshing bars throughout the track to build something consistently interesting. In his latest music video ‘Yoke’ the skillful rapper has teamed up with CB to enhance the power of hip-hop and the end result is extremely groovy. Both the artists go on to deliver rap endlessly at a pace that is fully groovy and sees the rapper at his artistic best. The songwriting is equally captivating and enforces that no one should call the rapper broke. His voice is bold and has consistent energy that is distributed throughout the track.

The video quality maintains a certain standard and not for a single moment seems boring as the rapper shows of his luxurious lifestyle in the most appealing way. He raps melodically, wielding more energy with the progressing verses and raps about his affluent possessions like cars, shoes, and watches. The song has one purpose which is to show that Trap Baby Dre is quite rich and no one should ever feel that he is broke. The groove in ‘Yoke’ is very well maintained that keeps the listener hooked till the end and keeps them wanting more such videos from his end that would hold on to that necessary style and confidence which has been portrayed plentiful in this recent record. Watch the video on YouTube and for information related to the artist’s upcoming projects follow him on Facebook and Instagram.