Fans Have Engaged In A Fun Debate Among Themselves About The Similarities Between Kandi Burruss And Rebekah




It was not known to many fans of Kandi Burruss that she has a sister, who shares similar physical appearances with her elder sibling.

The recent pictures posted by Kandi’s younger sibling Rebekah have hinted that she is having doubts about her appearance being similar to her sisters’.

While Kandi seems to be pretty certain about their similarities, the younger one strongly disagrees.

It seems that the two have been discussing or feuding about their differences in opinions, regarding their similarities or dissimilarities.

Kandi Burruss and her younger sister, Rebekah, spark lengthy debate and neither of them has given up and are holding strong to their respective opinions.

Kandi posted a collage of her and her sister on social media with the caption, ‘I always told my sister @rebekahvocals we don’t look alike. So she did a side by side to prove her point. What do y’all think? We have the same father for those who are wondering.’

This has ignited a fun debate online, with some standing with Kanding and some with Rebekah.

Though the result is nothing, yet it has divided the fans of Kandi into two different groups.

A fan commented, ‘You can tell y’all are related; Eyebrows, nose, the structure of your bright, beautiful smiles.’

Another fan wrote, ‘Definitely, the eyes and eyebrows the only thing that’s different is the nose. Love it. There’s resemblance there!’

Some other person said, ‘Your lips AND nose. Both of YOU are lovely. Stay positive, Godgrats on your baby Blaze. Y’all definitely look like beautiful pictures! Kandi you are the sister (in my MauMaury’sice)’.