Cassie And Alex Fine Have Found Quaint Name For Their Baby Girl




Finally the baby girl of Cassie and Alex Fine has arrived in the world in good health. The news of their newborn baby has been flashing everywhere in social media. Though the picture of the nipper is yet not out, the name of the baby has been decided and revealed to the world by the new parents.

They have picked a name for their baby and that is Frankie Fine. It can be assumed that they welcomed the baby girl this week only. Alex Fine posted a picture of two lazing around with eased posed saying he might be the luckiest man to have Mrs. Fine who had the sweetest and prettiest soul.

A follower commented that they could come with a better name for their first baby as the fans were expecting them to be parents for ten long years. Another social media user said that the name they chose could be the cutest name on earth. Social media has been gushed over the news that the model chick and Mr. Fine are having a new baby girl and everyone has been congratulating them with warm greetings. Only a few days ago Cassie revealed her pregnancy with a caption saying that she is enjoying last few days of her pregnancy. She had been equally worried about the whole motherhood thing. She found it helpful to talk about her questions and confusion with other mothers. The new app peanut really helped her in clearing the clouds of confusion about her motherhood and baby. It helped her to introduce with similar pregnant and parenting mothers and found an ease spot for herself. Peanut is a very useful app for those who will enter into maternity.