Lori Harvey Is Living The Life Of Her Dreams Amidst Boyfriend Future’s Drama With His Baby Mamas



Lori Harvey’s recent birthday celebration is something that the model is going to talk about for a very long time. The 23-year-old recently flew off to Montego Bay, Jamaica along with her rapper boyfriend Future accompanied by several other celebrity friends.

Lori wasted no time and took to social media to share several photos from the trip and in one such video she showed off the lavish villa in which she stayed which looked like a movie.

Lori Harvey drops sultry mini-movie video of her vacation with BF Future & numerous celebrity friends as the drama with his baby mamas continues.

The compilation video uploaded from the extravagant trip, Future’s girlfriend could be seen flaunting her flawless body in the pool as she enjoys in several fun activities along with her famous friends Winnie Harlow, Teyana Taylor and husband Iman Shumpert, Jordyn Woods, Ryan Destiny, and singer Normani.

The video clearly shows Future having a cozy time with Lori as he kisses and hugs his lady love. On the other hand, Future is at the moment fighting in court with several baby mamas who claim that he is the father of their babies. However, he refuses to acknowledge any of them.

On which one person said that Lori is someone who can be bought and sold anytime and it’s not an insult rather something which is the actual scenario. The mothers who are claiming their babies to be his must be living casually and unknowingly before they got pregnant by Future and also added that if Future got Lori pregnant, this wouldn’t have been the case.

Maybe for a short period Future would do as he did with Ciara and the only reason the whole thing is being highlighted is that Lori has Steve Harvey’s last name and also adds that Future musty be regretting about not promoting his real daughters as much as he could or should have done, but hasn’t.

Another commenter claimed that how shocking and disrespectful the matter is because on one hand Future is busy organizing lavish party for Lori Harvey and filming it for the blogs, and on the other side, other women are standing in queues to get their DNA test done behind his back to get Future’s attention on them or at least pay child support for them.

A social media user stated that everything is fun and in games until you realize that you are not someone special for him and neither are your lady parts. According to that user, Future is a womanizer who completely lacks self-control and respect for any other person other than himself. The person also added that it is doubtful on whether or not Lori has listened to his previous tracks or old music where he can be heard talking in a disgusting attitude about women and his views on relationships.

The same follower also added that possibilities are that Lori might be suing Future for his fame and that she’s is not going to continue it for long. According to that commenter, Lori is smart enough and she is getting the maximum benefits out of Future. Lori is young and doesn’t care about those kids at all.

However, amidst all the rumors and allegations that have been surfacing in recent times, Lori seems no to care much and is busy living her life to the fullest and care less about all the criticism.