Masters Of Flip Hosts, Kortney And Dave Wilson’s 18-Year-Old Marriage Comes To An End




Masters of Flip hosts, Kortney and Dave Wilson have finally decided to part ways. On an Instagram post on Thursday, the Ontario native stars revealed that they have decided to put a stop on their 18-year marriage which came as a shock to their fans.

The statement read that both of them have come to this conclusion with a very heavy heart but as life goes on they have decided to separate. However, they both chose to remain connected with each other as a family and with absolutely no hard feelings read the statement. They have no regrets and have the utmost love and respect for each other.

The statement concluded with heart touching words where they expect kindness and understanding from their followers and fans during this difficult time as they have planned to spend the holidays together with their family.

Being paired opposite each other since 2015 on the Masters of Flip, the HGTV Canada stars are parents to three children, Jett, Sullivan, and Lennox.

According to reports given to ET Canada by an HGTV Canada spokesperson, everyone seems to be in support of Kortney and Dave for taking this step and respect their privacy. As and when the matter comes to family, they trust their decision as they know what’s best for their children.

However, Kortney and Dave will continue to appear on the HGTV Canada they added.

According to, Making it Home with Kortney and Dave is scheduled to be premiered on Jan 22 at 10 pm ET and the production will go as per the schedule.

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