T-Bishop Composes a Cleverly Written Piece of Modern Hip-Hop ‘Long Summer Nights’ by Adding his Unique Touch



T-Bishop makes one of the most convincing and authentic hip-hop track with his outstanding rap style, leaving his fans thoroughly impressed. Written, performed, and delivered in the most stylistic way, his recent single ‘Long Summer Nightsstorms onto the scene as an outright leap in the world of hip-hop. Keeping his creativity at the forefront, the rapper drives the song with his magnetic artistry as he remains true to the core of rap and quickly catches attention with his fast-paced storytelling. The manner in which the talented rapper overloads the listener’s ears with his catchy rap work is truly commendable that begs them to listen for than once. On his new single ‘Long Summer Nights’ which comes from his label Porter, the artist involves brilliant hooks keeping things rhythmically and melodically pleasing as he delivers his words with a dedicated sense. The creative production is garnered with T-Bishop’s also known as Tommy Porter’s unwavering flow and his ability as a writer adds more to the listening experience.

Brilliantly crafted and engaging, the song has all the right sonic elements needed to remain as one of the most loved hip-hop tracks. Few other tracks in which he has shown equal musicality are ‘Assuming’, ‘Miss Me’, and ‘Woah Woah’ to name a few amongst others that is enough to rightfully place his name high on the charts. Coming from the United States, T-Bishop has done an excellent job with his piece of music which can now be heard on Soundcloud. For more updates, follow the artist on Facebook and Twitter.

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