Listen Out To the Newest Release ‘London’ By the Gifted Artist Recertified Teenager


Recertified Teenager impresses his fans with the soulful new single ‘London’. The eccentric composition with profound vocals, the track is now streaming on SoundCloud.

Recertified Teenager

You must have visited or heard about the capital of the United Kingdom, London, a city which is famous for its heritage, culture, food, and other tourist attractions. But have you heard a track that will give you the real-life experience of being in the city? Well, your search ends here because the skillful artist Recertified Teenager is here with his brand new single that has captured the essence of the city like never before. The catchy and captivating track is named after the city itself and creates a great ambiance with its R&B and Soul music. Londonis a track that will linger in your memory and will make you listen to it over and over again.

The track derived elements and sounds from both the R&B and Soul genre and the artist’s own significant touch has made a melodious piece of music, both enjoyable and flavorful to listen to. Increasing his reach with ‘London’, the track has already gathered an adequate amount of listeners on the audio streaming platform. One of the most enchanting components of the track is how the artist, Recertified Teenager has incorporated various instruments in the composition, which has enriched the performance. On top of that, the soulful vocals and the heartfelt lyrics elevated the track to a whole new level.

You can listen to the track along with his previous musical releases, ‘Don’t Diss Me‘, ‘One Life-One Shot‘, ‘Words Alone Cannot Describe You‘, ‘Limitless‘, and ‘Its My Life‘ which are all part of his new E.P ‘Spices of life‘ including the latest single. Listen to him on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Let’s listen to Recertified Teenager’s new track ‘London’ only on Spotify: