The California Trap Artist Kilo House Offers Trap Elements In A Refreshing Way Through ‘The CHiLDREN’



Continuing to fuse enticing ingredients throughout, the track The CHiLDREN’ starts as one thing and then progresses to become something more enthralling and exciting. The trap elements that set up the premise further intensify to capture the scene and fascinate the listeners with its strong premise. The passionate bars and easy to escape moments have made it one of the most enchanting tracks of the California trap artistThe hit of the sound design and the stunning soundscape has made it a thrilling piece of audio, turning it into an unforgettable hit. Later on, as you think that the groove is settling down, the structure evolves into an enticing presentation of Trap territory. Kilo House has offered some of the most gorgeous elements of the genre through this track.

The changing moments, captivate the senses with an increasingly impressive backdrop and the track then attracts the listeners with a clear authenticity and intimate structural development. The offered moments of ‘The CHiLDREN’ has transformed itself into an anthem that can be played on a loop. Long-form beats have been placed within the latter half of the track, laying the details bare on the surface, demanding attention from the listeners. The satisfying evolution of the hook section and the refreshing soundscape has made it a track worth listening over a thousand times. This and other tracks like ‘R.U.N.’, ‘The Night He Came Home’, ‘Imperial Trap’, and ‘Kilo All The Bells’ are streaming on SoundCloud. Follow Kilo House on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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