A Brief History of Music Magazine and How It Has Evolved With Time


Music lovers always had a special place for music journals, and this has evolved with time and gotten better. Here is a brief history of the evolution of music magazine.

music magazine

Through the journey of the international press revolution, several stellar magazines have emerged with time on both sides of the Atlantic. These magazines were the resources for some passionate writers who have shaped and flared the way everyone preserves music even today. Their individual wisdom has shaped the thinking patterns of a generation. Their legacy of writing is still maintained by descendant writers across the globe. Pen has always been a sharper sword potential to make a deeper cut in society and the world of music was also evaluated through the eyes of historic music journals.

  1. Pre-World War Magazines

According to the records, the first music magazine was established in the late 1800s in the US, and the journey of music publications started at this point. This was the pre-World war era and the British partially ruled the globe but musicians across the globe used to be celebrated. With black and white photos to hand-painted covers, this music-exclusive business has seen it all.

  1. World War Publications

During the time of need music came automatically to people, vocalizing the pain of unbearable reality, this was the generation of many music artists and magazines. Between the period of 1914 to 1945, there was been a shortage of several publication essentials, but there were too many songs that gained attention during this time. But this was the initiation of the Golden Age of music. During this time Jazz and Blues were picking the pace and the world along, so the publications mostly covered them.

  1. Post-World War Publications

In 1950 the world was bearing silent wounds of several war attacks and the publications of music journals started at full pace. Within a few years, there were several magazines that have been vocalizing about the music, lyrics, and tunes. This was the time when jazz and blues were at their peak and pop was coming to the scene, music publications all over the world were about to see the rise of the most eminent artists like Elvis Presley and Ben E. King. This was also the time of music bands, names like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, and The Crystals were coming onto the scene.

  1. Golden Age for Music Magazines

The 70s, 80s, and 90s were the golden period for music magazines there were too many magazines leading the world of music with quirky writing and filled with gossip and dissecting minute behaviors of the stars like Elton John, Pink Floyd stars, Micheal Jackson, and many others. This was also the time when paparazzi became a thing. The post-war and pre-internet eras have kept the writing knots tight and the readers hooked to each edition.

  1. Digital Magazines

With the rise of computers and the increased usage and availability of the internet music magazines had to shift to digital platforms and create the quirky and diverse persona through websites. This millennium’s digital revolution has changed the way every notion of reading, audiobooks, and podcasts are more popular, and music magazines with their enabled audible option have also kept their audience hooked and invested in the enigma of the music industry.

Even after years of evolution the relevant gossips and emotional releases make music lovers search for validation through written posts and excellently presented myriad reading options. Though things are not the same but still, people still look for ratings and wait for an edition to launch. This sublime excitement and sense of belonging will always be one of the driving factors for avid readers and music lovers to vouch for magazines related to music. But after the wrath of both the world wars and the digital drives, the heart of music magazines is in place and still beating, rather stomping.

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