Use Effective Ways to Market Your Book and Gain Instant Visibility


Just writing a good book is not enough in this competitive market, an aspiring author needs advertisement too. So here are free ways you can market your book.

market your book

When you have finished writing a good book and you have got a publisher, it is now time to find ways you can use it for book marketing. Not every author or book has a big marketing budget, so you need to look for free marketing ways that can promote your name and write it out there. This is true even with traditionally published books that have very little promotional budget.

But let’s think you have a great publishing deal and a high-profile PR team, there are still some things that an author has to actively do to gain the maximum spotlight. In this extremely competitive market, it is very hard for new and aspiring authors to break through and creating your own author brand by self-promotion can be the key to achieving that. So even if you are not interested in promoting yourself, it is time to break out of your comfort zone and make people buy and then read your book. So here are some of the best working and free ways to market your book to gain the maximum exposure and visibility.

Social media and its glorious advantages:

It is no secret that people are living in the world of social media. With the help of smartphones being easily affordable and high-speed internet data, it has become easier than ever to reach every corner of the world in just mere seconds. Social media has also become one of the most advantageous ways to advertise any content. Reaching a wide mass of people in very little time works the best and is also a free way to promote your book. There are several social media sites where you can reach a wide pool of readers so let’s start with these platforms.

For Twitter:

The first social media platform that works really well, especially when it comes to promoting something is definitely Twitter. The first step would be creating a Twitter (now known as X) account which you can use to tweet book updates. Here you will find the author community which you can engage in. You can also use hashtags like #AuthorsofTwitter, etc. to gain better exposure.

For Instagram:

It would be very hard to find people who do not use social media or even Instagram. The social media platform is one of the most popular platforms that generates the highest amount of revenue. So create an author account on Instagram using which you can follow book lovers and social media influencers. While posting on the app, you can also use different and popular hashtags like #Bookstagram, #WritingCommunity, etc. You can also create Instagram reels which are short videos and post to the gram every day to build up hype.

For Facebook:

The OG! Facebook is one of the oldest platforms of social media which is still relevant and can be used perfectly to promote your content. Create a Facebook author page on the platform from where you can run giveaways and hold quizzes. You can also hold live sessions where you can read the first chapters of your book to attract audiences. You can also join binders and sub binders groups on Facebook where you will interact with communities that are filled with thousands of authors and readers.

For TikTok:

TikTok is one of those platforms that rose in the era of social distancing. When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, people started to engage more online, which gave birth to various creators, online businesses, and most of all, the successful launch of TikTok. With millions of users all over the world, you can use this platform to promote your books as well. #BookTok is one of the most researched and viewed hashtags on the platform where readers get suggestions and openly talk about the content in their readings. This gives an excellent opportunity to new writers to tap into a big audience and reader’s pool and promote their content.

Other than these popular social media platforms, there is also YouTube where you can gain the maximum exposure if used correctly. On top of that, there are also applications like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Linktree, etc. to continue this self-promoting and free venture.

Promotion in real life:

The promotions are not limited to social media. It is the most important lesson that you need to learn. This goes on in real life too and the urge to promote, the urge to let yourself and your content known is something that can be found in real life too. You can contact your local newspapers or magazines to ask if they will cover your book. You can also host a lunch party for your friends, family, and extended professionals where you can ask them to buy your book. You can also opt to go for a book tour where you can make stops at libraries and coffee shops for a free book reading.

In a nutshell, your work does not end at just writing a good book, marketing is what makes it popular in today’s world. Make sure to apply the aforementioned methods to make a real difference in your reader base.