The Recent Activities Of Many Youtubers Irritated The Star Entertainer Billie Eilish




Recently, it has been reported that Billie Eilish Slams People Impersonating Her In Public For Pranks – Please Stop! It seems the versatile singer is not happy at all for the fact that people are taking up her personality and using to for their own Youtube video.

The saddest part of all is that many influencers are channeling the iconic dressing style and hairstyle of Billie.

But the reports suggest, the entertainer wants people to stop impersonating her and she was very much specific about that on her Instagram stories.

Firstly she put up a screenshot of the thumbnails of many videos that showcases the creators dressed as Billie and pranking people on the street.

Along with the post, she wrote that it is not safe for those to do such things thus she urges them to stop it immediately.

She put up the screenshot of similar videos in another story and conveyed the same message to the creators.

She even called out someone who was wearing Billie’s clothes and pretending to be her among the public.

She has also posted the close-up picture of an impersonator’s drab socks and wrote that it’s so insulting that they have tried to impersonate Billie and that too wearing such inappropriate clothes.

As this post suggests, this post of Billie has created lots of hatred between the creators and Billie’s supporters and fans.

The most fascinating part of the whole story is that Jordan Matter has reacted to the controversy as well.

He posted a picture on Instagram which shows he had an acrobat followed by a huge cheer flip dressed as Billie, but he wrote along with the post that he has no intention to insult or humiliate the famed entertainer. Furthermore, he added that celebrity impersonification video is very common these days thus he just gave it a try.

The whole thing went into a serious note as the report suggests he has reached out to Billie and apologized in private.