The New Foldable Razr Of Motorola Seems Technologically Impressive And Convincing




It is not sure when the Motorola’s latest re-imagined flip phone will be available in stores, but recently a new video Motorola Razr’s folding video has come out for the audience. Initially, Motorola was unsatisfied with CNET’s original fold test, thus it decided to launch a video and name it ‘The real Razr flip test’.

Here the first thing is noticeable that that how slowly and steadily Motorola’s robot flips gets open and closed-this thing have been seen near about six times in the video. The important thing is Motorola’s bot doesn’t create any pressure on the moveable part itself. The second-hand flips it closed and the first hand is a gentle, bar-shaped hand that nudges the screen open.

The whole thing seems important as CNET didn’t actually destroy the concept of Razr’s folding OLED screen-the hinge gets damaged by the publication and it’s also not clear that the damage of hinge happened as an outcome of CNET’s machine as it has been properly decorated or destroyed or the season can be there actual fault lies in the hinge of Motorola’s handset.

However, for all this Motorola has blamed CNET’s machine.

But as a matter of fact, Motorola’s robot test reveals more than what CNET did. Even if Square Trade robot puts much stress on the hinge Motorola seems to avoid stress on the hinge at all.

It is good to remember that Samsung’s original Galaxy Fold needs a bit of renovation because the hinge can destroy and damage the display. Even though Samsung’s robot has been folded many times before but this time it seems not comfortable at all.

Although it’s not a positive sign from Motorola’s end that the Razr is not available in stores and that the company did not provide any speculated any confirm date for its launch day.