Music Producer Aurthor Ant’s New Song ‘Lets Start Over’ is a Creative Blend of Hip-Hop Sounds and Rhythms


The diversity of hip-hop musical chronicles is being presented in a new style by upcoming Houston Music Producer Aurthor Ant in the song, ‘Lets Start Over’.

Lets Start Over

Upcoming music producer and songwriter Aurthor Ant is displaying his innate wisdom and insight of hip-hop infused musical strains in his celebratory soundscape. Working with the musical elements of sound, rhythm, and arrangement, he has justified is vigor and resilience as an artist in paving the way for musical greatness through his new release, ‘Lets Start Over’. The song is adorned with the cultural bliss of hip-hop but also extracts creative influences from contemporary R&B. The contradiction turns out captivating as the artist very accurately takes his audience on a journey of reflective transcendence.

The upcoming Houston music producer has been blessed to have grown up in a musically enriched family that was instrumental in his career choice. ‘Lets Start Over’ is as vibrant as it gets as he throws in bundles of lyrical assertion in the song. Making music through his label Aurthor Ant Music Producer, he has many other songs to his name like ‘Call-Me’, ‘Let-Me-Take-Care-Of-You’, ‘Got Something For You’, and ‘No Justice No Peace’. Aurthor Ant’s hybridization of musical strains that deliver the audience scope of respite, relaxation, and motivation is what his soundscape aims at achieving. Follow him on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to experience his creative enormity.

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